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one who conforms to current ways and opinions for personal advantage

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During Grey's walk from Viridor's apartment to the offices of the Timeserver, he encounters a "thin mechanic" whose experience of alienated labor has given him a keen sense of class consciousness: "He caught the Soul Agent's glance, and an expression of defiant hatred darkened all his countenance.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell was weak, Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett a timeserver and Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt "not a strategic thinker".
Hence when Irish football's governing body passed over the likes of Bryan Robson and Peter Reid - both friends of Keane - and appointed an apparent company timeserver in Brian Kerr as McCarthy's replacement, like many others, I rather suspected that the Republic's estrangement from its only genuine world class player was now inexorably destined for divorce.
Colin Powell would not have been able to enjoy his long career as a butt-kisser and timeserver had Truman not told the Joint Chiefs to obey orders and desegregate.
2 The System Shall Synchronize Its System Time To The Network Timeserver Or A Web-Based Time Server.
A huge salary for a government approved civil service timeserver is a sickening proposal and another useless burden on taxpayers.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is 'weak', Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett a timeserver and Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt 'not a strategic thinker'.
Whether you consider him a great professional and club servant or a timeserver with no personal pride would depend on your philosophy of life.
He is horror's obedient servant, the timeserver ready for anything to advance his career, for whom the Vichy regime was merely an opportunity.
TimeCertain's Chronologics(R) TimeServer is secured by Eracom's Hardware Security Module (HSM) ProtectServer Orange, which enables hardware-secured time-stamping operations, based on a local tamper-proof time-source combined with a secure high performance digital signature capability.
We believe that the comprehensive solution provided by our NTS TimeServer products and the Domain Time II software product will continue to strengthen our position in the emerging market for network time synchronization.
Nasdaq:SYMM) today introduced a new TimeServer option for the company's TimeSource 3X00 series of primary reference source (PRS) network synchronization and timing devices.
Timeserver technology is emerging as a standard in the corporate IT world and we believe our NTS-200 and TimeVault(TM) products offer the best features and functionality to serve this new market," Withers said.
Milestones in the third quarter include the strengthening of our field sales structure, the release of our TimeVault(TM) Network Timeserver product, the institution of our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program and further development of key OEM relationships.
STUFFING the honours list with Tory cronies, donors and Whitehall timeservers is an insult to those ordinary people who earned recognition with their extraordinary service.