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one who conforms to current ways and opinions for personal advantage

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Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is 'weak', Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett a timeserver and Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt 'not a strategic thinker'.
TimeCertain's Chronologics(R) TimeServer is secured by Eracom's Hardware Security Module (HSM) ProtectServer Orange, which enables hardware-secured time-stamping operations, based on a local tamper-proof time-source combined with a secure high performance digital signature capability.
We believe that the comprehensive solution provided by our NTS TimeServer products and the Domain Time II software product will continue to strengthen our position in the emerging market for network time synchronization.
DirectConnect connects a customer's transaction server or desktop computer to a NIST traceable timeserver by physically terminating a private leased line to a "private router" within their secured operations envelope.
Nasdaq:SYMM) today introduced a new TimeServer option for the company's TimeSource 3X00 series of primary reference source (PRS) network synchronization and timing devices.
In addition to ProjectServer and ResourceServer modules, the Business Engine product suite includes TimeServer, an e-mail-enabled timesheet application that collects Project 98 time-phased plan and actual work date data to track resource activity across multiple projects, and Portfolio, a top-down planning tool for effectively managing multi-project, limited- resource business environments.
Timeserver technology is emerging as a standard in the corporate IT world and we believe our NTS-200 and TimeVault(TM) products offer the best features and functionality to serve this new market," Withers said.
Milestones in the third quarter include the strengthening of our field sales structure, the release of our TimeVault(TM) Network Timeserver product, the institution of our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program and further development of key OEM relationships.
I speak as a long-term resident of Cardiff, dismayed by the emergence of these politicians and timeservers, but who let them in?
Foreign affairs, especially in the hallways and drawing rooms of our most significant European allies, are too important to be left in the hands of bureaucracy-loving careerists and unimaginative timeservers, most of whom are out of touch with the real America back home.
To be "on the right side of history" may be construed as little more than a pretext for timeservers.
THE Honours system is once again sullied by gongs for Tory donors, Westminster cronies, inept bureaucrats, dreary timeservers and establishment toadies.
If he has been too offbeat or soulful to achieve success as it is measured by timeservers and lickspittles, he has embodied, in political form, the Jeffersonian persuasion.
Another inquiry after a child done to death in the ghastly mother-and-new-lover scenario and these inept career timeservers hide behind peculiarly British veils that absolve all blame.
In the process, however, she annoyed the timeservers who refused to be inspired.