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Synonyms for timer

a timepiece that measures a time interval and signals its end

(sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed

a regulator that activates or deactivates a mechanism at set times

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He admitted that canceling the timers contributed to the rise in traffic violations by motorists, mostly because the motorists are confused about the time left to takeoff or stop, thus they fall victims to traffic cameras.
If you are not on iOS, acclux timer is already available for download at Google Play for Android devices and it's expected to be available for windows Phone later this month.
Prepping for the ACT and SAT tests were not all that long ago for me," says Testing Timers founder, Jordan Liss who is now a junior at the University of Michigan.
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Tom Koutsantonis said new pedestrian countdown timers have been activated at two major intersections along King William Street in the city.
In 2007, the Valencia Water Company will offer rebates for customers who replace their existing timers with smart controllers and participate in a water-efficiency survey.
About 35,000 Grasslin QE7 and Trac EQ7 timers have been sold in the UK since 1999, with a further 30,000 Grasslin QE7 timers sold in the Republic of Ireland.
Make sure to plug in the timer away from the tank to prevent accidental shock from water mixing with electricity.
Waveform Generation: As with replacing standard logic devices, a PIC10F microcontroller can take the place of traditional 555 timers, pulse-width modulators (PWMs), remote control encoders, pulse generation, programmable frequency source, resistor-programmable oscillators and much more.
Unlike an automatic controller that must be wired to automatic valves, a timer attaches directly to a hose bibb (between faucet and hose) and can operate a soaker hose, a simple drip-irrigation system for beds or containers, or, in some cases, a mist system.
Volk brings its success with the famous turkey Timer to the beef industry with the Pop-Up Timers made especially for steaks, filets, and roasts.
In turn, the generator plugs directly into the Analog Remote Timer, which plugs directly into an electrical outlet to facilitate use.
A sequence timer is used in the performance of these steps.
Ol'man Treestands new Ol' Timer Deluxe 12-foot and 16-foot Ladders have the same basic design as the O1' Timer ladder stand, but they are loaded with, as the name implies, deluxe features.
A PENSIONER was killed after setting a timer to electrocute himself while he slept.
A nifty timer with a loud alarm that can be hung from a hook or stuck to the fridge by the attached magnet.