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Synonyms for timer

a timepiece that measures a time interval and signals its end

(sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed

a regulator that activates or deactivates a mechanism at set times

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Shot timers detect gun shots, and good timers will tell us the time from the first beep to each subsequent shot to a degree of accuracy within 1/100th of a second.
The presence of the countdown timer increased the probability that a driver in the dilemma zone would stop by an average of just over 13 percent and decreased deceleration rates by an average of 1.
The Epicurious Smart Timer app for Apple Watch is a companion of the award-winning Epicurious Recipe Box and Shopping List app for iPhone and iPad.
The IP-based SPT design also simplifies integration of the timer network.
When the timer reaches zero, the alarm beeps repeatedly, four beeps at a time, over and over.
He said the department has lately canceled the digital timers because of a technical malfunction in the system, but they are being rectified and will be installed soon.
I paid around $200 for a very simple, basic timer back when income levels were a lot less than they are now.
The three timers--Freshness Timer (TF1), Fresh Food Timer (TF2), Freshness Timer (TF30)--are compact and easy to use, and just in time to start the upcoming year right.
Consequently, the Heat Computera only runs when temperatures inside the building fall below a comfortable level, about 6-10 hours per day, whereas a regular timer can run as many as 18-24 hours a day, even if the temperature inside has remained constant.
The Primex Wireless Code Blue Digital Timer integrates seamlessly with existing code blue systems.
The new Mark-My-Time for Music Digital Metronome combines the benefits of a bookmark, digital timer and metronome into one easy-to-use prodUCt.
The Grasslin QE7 and Trac EQ7 automatic timing devices, used in homes to heat water, have a defect which could lead to the timer overheating, potentially causing a fire.
Fixed interval and programmable interval timer resources enable commonly embedded tasks such as time-of-day computation, data-logging for system service routines, and periodic servicing of timesensitive external devices.