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being at the right time

timely convenience

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If timeliness is so important to these producers, then how can you raise the bar in terms of your performance?
To improve monitoring of IDES timeliness and satisfaction, GAO recommends that DOD and VA work together to: (1) develop plans for completing the ongoing business process review and implementing any resulting recommendations and (2) improve the accuracy of case information at the point of data entry; and that (3) DOD consider alternative approaches to measuring satisfaction.
The latest letter shows that from August 2007 through January 2008, Indiana improved its timeliness rate to nearly 89 percent.
Commander Barton said the VA needs to hire more claims workers and provide intensive training to improve the quality as well as the timeliness of decisions.
The EBSA continues to focus on the timeliness of remittance of participant contributions in contributory employee benefit plans.
The most obvious source of the story's renewed timeliness is, of course, the severed head itself.
The SEC is exploring the benefits of XBRL and its potential for improving the timeliness and accuracy of financial disclosure and analysis of SEC filings.
This issue of timeliness adds yet another wrinkle to the IRS's Rev.
Knowing how tough it is to maintain timeliness in a magazine that is published monthly, we refuse to become suicidal about mishaps.
Because Section 530(a)(1)(B) is silent as to timeliness, P argues that the required returns merely have to be filed.
The practice should make sure that its practice management system has the capability of receiving electronic remittances and the ability to audit payments for timeliness and accuracy.
Plans are for external partners to interact with Humana using the Vitria-based system to help improve the timeliness, consistency and accuracy of the claims process.
is being awarded a $5,021,451 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to conduct a research project entitled "Technical Support of Wargaming the Asymmetric Environment (WAE)," to develop and demonstrate predictive technologies to significantly increase the specificity and timeliness of threat specific indication and warning and intervention strategies.
The specific improvements will include improved analysis of accounting information, improved transaction timeliness, and conversion to a web-based SAARMS eases the fielding of software updates.