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a state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife

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It took 10 years for the couple to develop ''Riders'' for the screen, and the investment looks to have paid off in an involving piece of work that illuminates the timelessness of freedom and love of home.
Crowe stresses that the universality and timelessness claimed by classicism, a principle not a style, does not exclude regional and temporal variation, and may be interpreted to accommodate the exigencies of contemporary life.
The result is an abstraction of the original, a ballet that keeps period elements to a minimum and emphasizes the timelessness of a theme that has even greater resonance today than in the fifties.
Gill Sans is a typographic work of art with a timelessness that's fitting for the Olympics," said Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Agfa Monotype Corp.
Characteristically, Wilmotte is content to allow the old to speak for itself; in making fresh architectural annotations, he deploys a Modernist vocabulary of firmly modelled geometries and few materials to achieve the timelessness consistent with historic framework.
In [sic], Landers writes, "I really do want to be an art genious and describe my generation, and this time and all the humanity for timelessness.
All these poetry CD's encompassing boundless shades of life/global brotherhood/humanitarian timelessness have been published by Rowepublishing (UK).
The Puerta de Toledo library is one of a series of buildings employing archetypal form -- the domed drum floating above an earthbound base -- to convey both timelessness and gravity, but its particular configuration in the first instance came out of Navarro Baldeweg's perception of the context and of its role in it.
In an article about your retrospective, a critic called you "stringently ahistorical," and said that the present is for you a moment of timelessness.
The durability of the fiber matches the timelessness of the design and longevity of the firm.
Here, as elsewhere in the scheme, Wilmotte has had to reconcile his insistence on timelessness in design with the historical clamour of the building.
Every grain of sand was a dead metaphor that equaled timelessness, and to decipher such metaphors would take one through the false mirror of eternity.
This series embraces the timelessness of the classic Looney Tunes characters," said Sander Schwartz, President, Warner Bros.
On the contrary, Sugimoto's photographs approach timelessness not by extending themselves further and further in time, but by compressing complex, ongoing processes into a single image.
With our minimal production costs and the timelessness of the content we believe that `Words' has the potential to be a profitable commodity with only a few thousand viewers.