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Synonyms for timelessness

a state of eternal existence believed in some religions to characterize the afterlife

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timelessness of a fond memory in his new limited-edition collection of
The people living here seem to have the best of both worlds - well designed, affordable apartments that, from the outside at least, look like a cut above the modern norm in terms of style and timelessness.
Archaeologists from Europe and the US consider such topics as theorizing scale and change in human history from moments to millennia; deep time, history, and the human-hominin imagination; an archeology of the body in Amazonia; how humans historicize water as water historicizes them; and ritual, timelessness, and lived experience in the Pueblo world.
This ballad shows the timelessness of her performance.
Raja Changez Sultan's work is linked in its various moods by a sense of timelessness, a fantasy that remains to haunt the viewer's memory.
Aside from the glamour she exuded on screen, she is remembered for both her personality and timelessness.
What McWilliam most importantly took to his own expression was this deep dedication to the vessel form, to timelessness and to beauty.
Nowhere is the timelessness of Italian society better demonstrated than in Serie A - otherwise known as the land that time forgot.
Three Stooges FAQ" is an excellent pick for any who want to gain a better understanding of the act and how it has achieved timelessness.
Cesar embodies Armani's distinctive style which has always been elegance, mastery and timelessness," said a spokesperson, adding "he carries out Armani's belief that makeup is a part of the fashion world; makeup expresses a woman's femininity making her irresistible and creating a magnetic quality adding mystery and intrigue.
Tiret encompasses beauty, excellent craftsmanship, & timelessness all in one design.
It bears a rare magic which continues to ensure its timelessness and mass appeal.
However, if it's an icon like a Tendulkar or Tiger Woods, then occasional failures don't raise much of a concern as there is a degree of timelessness about their achievements.
The secret is in understanding "the DNA of a brand and translate it into a scent" that carries the codes making the brand unique and conveys timelessness and elitism.