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the act or process of determining the time

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The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) is seeking proposals from qualified offerors to procure a cloud- based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), timekeeping system for the purpose of tracking hours worked by the Consultants contracted by the MHBE.
These deals make Tissot the global actor in the field of Basketball Timekeeping.
You have to call it a day sometime and I think I deserve a rest after timekeeping since 1960,'' said Walsh, who also intends to step down as president of the Hartlepool club - a post he has held for 20 years.
century pair-cased watch which had both a royal connection and underlined the importance of accurate timekeeping at sea.
We have developed a separate team for Omega timekeeping - specialised people.
It does the timekeeping at a number of events include CSIO Nations Cup, the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, the Melbourne Cup and the Longines Singapore Gold Cup among others.
Our laws state that the referee is solely responsible for timekeeping," he said.
Train employees and managers: If you have not yet implemented a timekeeping policy, do it now.
The students from Birmingham City University and Birmingham School of Jewellery all study horology - the study and production of timekeeping devices.
Harry's achievement is fantastic and to have perfect timekeeping and attendance is great and not an easy thing to do.
The company also offers timekeeping solutions, such as telephone timekeeping and time clocks.
And they only narrowly escaped being voted worst for timekeeping thanks to the poor reputation of the second least favourite tradesman - the dreaded builder.
The Staff Coverage feature for Unitime Systems' UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System[TM] helps healthcare organizations with compliance, staffing, and other labor-management issues.
AS a regular user of public transpor, I am finding the timekeeping on some bus routes very erratic.
It contains a comprehensive collection of essays devoted to astronomical timekeeping by the sun and stars and the determination of the times of Muslim prayer, as practiced in Islamic societies for over ten centuries.