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the act or process of determining the time

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Timekeeping at such a huge event requires a lot of expertise and technology.
Swiss Timing has been conducting the timekeeping for the Olympics on behalf of its sister brand Omega.
The timekeeping team will have two unique buoys at their disposal which they will be able to place at two selected points around the open water course.
Epson, which boasts both a semiconductor and a quartz crystal device business, has leveraged its strengths to integrate a crystal unit into the S7C17M11 microcontroller package that allows customers to develop accurate timekeeping efficiently even under harsh environmental conditions, such as in outdoor meters.
Designers of wearable, IoT and mobile applications such as miniaturized modules, smart watches, activity trackers, tablets, mobile phones and smart meters can use these unique features to offer the best timekeeping and longest battery life.
You have to call it a day sometime and I think I deserve a rest after timekeeping since 1960,'' said Walsh, who also intends to step down as president of the Hartlepool club - a post he has held for 20 years.
Aside from ensuring the accuracy of daily time records and thwarting attempts of time theft, the new timekeeping system also promotes fast and efficient payroll calculations," Binay said.
UNLIKE Del Boy, you or I will never find a watch by John Harrison or George Daniels but there are plenty of highly collectable watches out there that share some principles of precision timekeeping.
advancements beyond timekeeping, such as navigation systems, magnetic fields and temperature.
With a friendly, relaxed writing style, Formichelli and Martin cover the history of timekeeping beginning with the first humans, who measured time simply by watching the seasons, and ending with the invention of astoundingly precise atomic and optical clocks.
As the OMEGA Countdown Clocks in Trafalgar Square and Greenwich continue to tick away the seconds till the beginning of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, OMEGA's timekeeping and data-handling professionals are actively involved in preparations for the competition where, for the 25th time, the Swiss specialists will serve as Official Timekeepers at the Olympic Games.
How does your Olympics timekeeping affect Omega's watch technology?
Longines can boast 85 years of timekeeping experience in equestrian sports and has established itself as an essential partner of these disciplines that combine precision and elegance.
Hackett has studied Atkinson's handling of Sunday's Old Trafford derby and says his timekeeping was spot-on.
Establish a reliable reporting system: Some employers use automated timekeeping systems, others rely on traditional timecards, and others have no system at all.