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(sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed


a clerk who keeps track of the hours worked by employees

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As the world's premier sports timekeeper, the brand will be deployed across all venues and will rely on its historic expertise and modern innovation to complete the job.
In all these disciplines, Longines is the Official Partner, the official timekeeper and the official watch of international institutions, events, races and competitions.
We will dispatch 350 licensed timekeepers and 300 tons of equipment to PyeongChang to offer more accurate and prompt results as soon as the competitions are completed.
As the swimmers pass the buoys, their intermediate times will be sent back to the timekeepers who will display the times for spectators on the scoreboards.
The timekeeper should set the timer for 15 seconds.
Over the decades Walsh has offi-ciated at numerous top-flight competitions, the highlight being when he was invited to be one of the timekeepers at Gateshead International Stadium for the GB v East Germany match.
Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President of Longines and Head of International Marketing said: "We are pleased to be Official Timekeeper of the prestigious races taking place at this extraordinary facility.
The new long-term partnership will continue to enhance the brand's rich history in sports as Official Timekeeper of the PGA Championship Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid PGA Grand Slam of Golf Ryder Cup (when held in the United States) PGA Professional National Championship and PGA Golf Properties.
Timekeeping entries can be viewed from any related client, timekeeper or matter record.
Are fixed fee and retainers tied to a specific timekeeper, or is the firm creating a new "fixed fee" or "null" timekeeper?
Muscat: Rolex will be the official timekeeper for Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club, its officials announced on Wednesday.
Now in its 21st year, Citizen proudly remains the official timekeeper for the international competition.
Down to the last detail, a jasmine flower blossoms at the centre of the dial, turning this timekeeper into the most beautiful flower one could possibly offer a woman.
The Timekeeper cleverly matches attitude, wit, and suspenseful dark action in a story well worth the time to read.