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tested and proved to be reliable

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These videos give anyone, not only members, access to Toastmasters time-tested tips they can use immediately," says Toastmasters International President Michael Notaro.
Additionally, routing protocols leverage mature, time-tested implementations such as OSPF.
A1 Diner: Real Food, Recipes, & Recollections isn't just a straightforward cookbook; it gathers memories of the people who owned and worked for the A1 Diner, from which these time-tested favorite tastes have been gathered.
One of the landmarks along Route 2 is Gould's Sugarhouse, with its restaurant open daily as long as the evaporator is going, serving time-tested recipes from 8:30 a.
Through this strategic acquisition we were able to add time-tested capability to PowerBench and make that capability available to our customers very rapidly.
Tips, tricks and time-tested wisdom pack this handy guide that is to be commended for directly addressing questions and issues that need to be addressed prior to conception, when most parenting books dwell primarily on pregnancy and birth.
Today, AMES continues its' tradition of offering a diverse and comprehensive line of solutions, integrating time-tested products with new technological offerings, providing our customers with the value and forward thinking they've come to expect from us.
The launch of IBS' new recovery program presents both book and DVD to include the time-tested 12-step program, self-tests, references to specific resources, and tips to find a recovery group or treatment center.
We have truly combined time-tested advertising principles with unique online lead generation strategies and proprietary technology systems.
EnterpriseDB provides and supports enterprise-class databases that are based on time-tested open source, that are broadly compatible with proprietary databases and that are robustly reliable and scalable.
With these resources, Right Path Marketing provides efficient, time-tested products and services such as lead generations, targeted mail, referral business, promotional products and marketing materials, signs, closing gifts and mortgage coaching sessions.
Level 5 Networks has adopted this time-tested approach of maintaining full system compatibility, and has created a solution that delivers great customer benefit.
Comments CEO Alan Todd, "Research, customer feedback, and buzz in the marketplace reconfirm that the combination of a time-tested learning management system enhanced with customer-focused administrative functions and support services offers businesses a cost-effective means for linking training to corporate goals.
And its time-tested approach and ability, along with a fresh, flexible attitude toward client service, help clients make the most of opportunities.
Expert party planner and stylist Michele Ammon believes in a time-tested formula of fun, food and football.