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Synonyms for time-out

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

Words related to time-out

a brief suspension of play

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Perhaps the primary reason to call a time-out is to stop the opponents' momentum or "run" Al McGuire believed that a coach had to call a T.
The time-outs would be called at the discretion of the manager," proposed Mulvihill, "so there would be a maximum of eight minutes added to the match programme.
Quick re-intervention with body blocks or time-outs should put the mounting to rest again.
If this instrument were to have predictive validity, it could adequately cater for all statements made by coaches during real time-out situations.
As you have seen on TV, coaches use many styles to get their players' attentions during time-outs.
Skilled application of intervention tools and techniques: Leashes and long lines, no-reward markers (NRMs), and time-outs.
To effectively combat an offense in a two-minute situation, the defense must know how variables such as time, score, offensive time-outs, the offense's field-goal game, and offensive philosophy will affect the offense's play-call mindset.
VTP avoids TCP's congestion control reactions, which cause high latency and back-offs, leading to faster speeds and fewer dropped sessions, interruptions, and connection time-outs.
The injury-hit Cypriot then called for two medical time-outs in the fourth set but he somehow dug deep into his reserves of physical and mental energy to grind down Mackin in a match that lasted four hours and 20 minutes.
Since the time-outs were intermittent, we had a hard time identifying which applications were causing the spikes in traffic," said Paul Pansini, director of communication systems for Toys"R"Us.
It forces our opponents into costly time-outs and wrong alignments.
Some Internet end users trying to reach affected sites experienced slow responses from Akamai's DNS servers, resulting in page time-outs.
Even though things are going well, call your time-outs immediately after a run.
Users are able to download the Mars rover images without experiencing time-outs, interruptions or delays despite the rich graphical content, the sheer volume of traffic and the wide audience dispersal, with 25 percent of site visitors coming from outside the United States.
Use your time-outs to review the plays and the deployment of the players.
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