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Synonyms for time-out

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

Words related to time-out

a brief suspension of play

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A total of 30 items described in these instruments were deemed as being likely to apply to time-out situations, and were consistent with the major tasks identified by the surveyed coaches.
DIAGRAM 1 SITUATION GAME RULES TEAM RULES * 30-second time-out Teams must remain standing on playing court * 60-second time-out 1st buzzer will sound at 15 sec remaining * 1st/3rd Qtr Breaks * Halftime Clock starts when referees leave floor; Length may differ due to media or venue festivities
You may be forced to use your time-outs to save enough time for your offense.
I usually try to save a time-out or two for this specific late-game situation.
The Rams have built a reputation, more than any team in the league, for not worrying about burning their three allocated time-outs early in the game, as long as it helps them to call the right play.
He continued: "If we feel that the team managers have a legitimate case (and I am on their side in this instance), then perhaps we should allow each team two time-outs of maybe one to two minutes duration during each championship game to allow changes to be made by managers.
Castellacci said: "It would have been good to have had a three-minute time-outs but we prepared well and none of our players had cramps.
The 28-year-old Briton, who was yesterday handed an Olympic wildcard place, saw off her Italian opponent 4-6 6-4 6-0 after a match littered with medical time-outs.
ISLAMABAD -- Children in a school that uses corporal punishment performed significantly worse in tasks involving "executive functioning" psychological processes such as planning, abstract thinking, and delaying gratification than those in a school relying on milder disciplinary measures such as time-outs.
These included time-outs, where a child sits in a "boring place" until their behaviour improves, as well as confiscating treats.
Although, we got two time-outs in the second period, we could not play better," Vucinic told a press conference after the game.
Play is kept fast-paced with a 10-second shot clock and no time-outs, while teams can win before regulation by reaching 33 points.
The raucous Boston Garden crowd of 19,000 chanted "Beat L-A, Beat L-A" all evening and many danced during time-outs while waving white towels to incite the home team.
There was more drama ahead, though, with Thailand coach Supajirakul taking full advantage of the time-outs.
The optimisation technology successfully supported the US Marines relocation from Camp Fallujah to Al Asad Air Base, and continues to optimise traffic to overcome database replication time-outs of its Biometric Automated Toolset (BATS) technology between checkpoints in the region.
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