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Synonyms for time-out

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

Words related to time-out

a brief suspension of play

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With a pup or juvenile, the behavior should extinguish fairly easily with repeated time-outs, especially if he is neutered.
Although time-out from positive reinforcement appears to be effective at enhancing performance on matching-to-sample tasks, it is unclear whether this effect is due to the punishment aspect of the time-out.
If this instrument were to have predictive validity, it could adequately cater for all statements made by coaches during real time-out situations.
But with my daughter, we don't obviously do any of that, we give her time-outs," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Alba as saying.
As you have seen on TV, coaches use many styles to get their players' attentions during time-outs. Some use folding chairs positioned in a half-circle far from the bench area and visitors' taunts.
To effectively combat an offense in a two-minute situation, the defense must know how variables such as time, score, offensive time-outs, the offense's field-goal game, and offensive philosophy will affect the offense's play-call mindset.
There is a difference of opinion about calling a time-out upon gaining possession for a last shot.
Human-controlled time-outs, however, made no impression on Jasper.
The Rams have built a reputation, more than any team in the league, for not worrying about burning their three allocated time-outs early in the game, as long as it helps them to call the right play.
GAA Director-General Liam Mulvihill has called for American-football style time-outs to be adopted in Gaelic games.
The combined technologies will help prevent response time-outs, which can occur during the booking process, resulting in frustrated customers and lost revenue.
Anaeli's mom reports that she is often disciplined by long time-outs in the classroom bathroom and worries that this discipline is causing Anaeli to withhold stool to a point of loosing control and soiling herself.
The 33-year-old described previous "time-outs", when Scott, who has battled depression, went off by himself.
Sharjah tried to get back on track, and after two time-outs Al Wasl continued its scoring spree that gave them the second set with a 15-point score difference of 25-10.
The automated system will translate into savings in time and resources for the local government unit as previously tedious HR processes such as manual time-ins and time-outs and actual disbursement of employee's salaries will become a thing of the past.
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