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  • adj

Synonyms for time-honored

adhering to beliefs or practices approved by authority or tradition

Synonyms for time-honored

acceptable for a long time

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honored because of age or long usage

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Commensurate with its exclusive location and surrounded by time-honored architecture, 985 Park, the first condominium residence to be built on Upper Park Avenue since the 1960's, will rise 15 stories to accommodate only seven full-floor duplex and triplex condominium apartments, each with unobstructed views of the avenue and the most luxurious amenities and finishes available.
95) offers sage counsel and advice derived from ancient provers, modern poets, the science of psychology, all combining to provide a compendium of time-honored wisdom to foster healing and encourage hope.
Analytical chemistry is the time-honored way to monitor pulp quality, but laboratory testing is laborious, and online techniques for monitoring quality can often deliver the results more quickly to those who need the information.
It will realty bole down to the time-honored problem of "teaching old dogs," but it can be done.
TQM, Six Sigma, reengineering: all are time-honored and sometimes wonderfully effective ways to change a company for the better.
Why would anyone concerned about the environment want to replace the time-honored and environmentally sound practice of recycling natural wood products for mulch--which not only helps the soil retain moisture, but provides nutrients as the material degrades, reduces soil compaction, and encourages insect populations essential to healthy soil?
In keeping with tradition, the Swordsmen of Fighter Squadron (VF) 32 have revived the time-honored practice.
The time-honored tradition of the octave indicates the special character of a liturgical celebration, extending it from one holy day into eight.
In this winter issue, we bring you time-honored kitchen arts and crafts with features on pickling, lacquering, and stuffing.
Such is the time-honored code of both the regular army and the citizen army, and will be upheld with pride this time again.
GET READY FOR A RUSH of the new--OK, the `80s--as gay icons on two continents spice up that time-honored homo art form, the musical.
Despite its slick minimalist look, and in contrast to much of the contemporary Brazilian art you may have seen, Iran do Espirito Santo's work addresses art's most time-honored task: representation.
Transfer of wealth is a time-honored activity, whether it's government-approved through tax-deductible charitable contributions or government-fought, as when the Sheriff chased Robin and his merry fellows through the woods of Nottingham.
Too much reliance on past experience, traditional assumptions, overgeneralizations, conventional truths, time-honored methods, even the widely-honored horse sense, may be limiting and stultifying influences on our teaching.
Borrowing money is a time-honored tradition, as average folks take out mortgages to buy homes or apply for loans to pay for college.
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