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of a task that takes time and patience

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Williams acknowledged that the process has been time-consuming and emotionally draining.
And if the next repair technician doesn't know that the new o-ring is not the correct size, troubleshooting this slow leak will be time-consuming and frustrating.
Though it's initially more time-consuming, the parent company should require subsidiaries to adhere to the master chart of accounts, making the month-end rollup process easier.
Participants either allow their idle computers to be used to supplement the power of the researchers' units or actually help to perform time-consuming tasks such as calculating the longest prime number.
Elevated to the equivalent rank of a sworn major, the Human Resource director now has the authority to issue a conditional offer of employment, eliminating time-consuming reviews by other command levels.
TEI believes that the APA program represents the best way for companies to resolve transfer pricing controversies and avoid costly and time-consuming audits and litigation.
For example, many city departments, like sewer, water and engineering, would find access easier and less time-consuming if hand-generated drawings were on computer with the newer computerized drawings," says Pawliuk.
Pre-cut products avoid time-consuming hand cutting and help ensure a correct and consistent configuration.
We understand the frustration,'' Assistant Chief George Gascon said in an interview after many officers involved in the task force complained about the time-consuming procedures.
The current disability evaluation results is a series of manual, non-integrated steps that result in a time-consuming process that generates multiple paper requests for various types of information.
Unfortunately, rheological testing can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and one instrument is often not sufficient to test the full range of shear rates desired.
While doing so appears to save time, it's not as efficient as backing up all files regardless of whether they changed because the restoration process is more cumbersome and time-consuming.
Powerful, Collaborative Visual Tools Offer Fully Portable, Easily Accessible Alternative to Time-Consuming, Costly Travel
By incorporating Conexant's ZipWire SDSL solution, Efficient Networks offers customers faster connect times, quicker recovery from circuit changes, freedom from time-consuming pre-provisioning and greatly expanded interoperability with a wide range of central-office systems.
Like the movement from rotary phones to mobile devices to make quick and global connections, Simple Term Life eliminates time-consuming life insurance purchasing steps by utilizing electronic technology and online capabilities to deliver fast results.
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