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any of the 24 regions of the globe (loosely divided by longitude) throughout which the same standard time is used

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Maine has already passed legislation that would move the state to Atlantic Time Zone and off Daylight Savings Time, but it's  contingent upon a voter referendum that is only triggered by Massachusetts and New Hampshire taking the plunge first.
Larger populations are not always affected by such deviations from the theoretical time zone The most extreme deviation was created by Kiribati's decision to realign the zone for the line Islands with the same date as its territory, meaning that the sparsely populated islands follow the same time as Hawai'i but are one day ahead as the 'easternmost land' with the earliest time zone (GMT +14 hours).
Bicommunal couple Tanur and Michalis Tsiknakis launched the idea of a 'Dual Time Zone New Year Party' in Nicosia on December 31 on their Facebook page.
Facilities in Central Time Zone -- 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm to 6:00 pm CDT)
Local traders are the main drivers of the peaks and valleys seen by stocks and indices throughout the trading day in each time zone.
Start adjusting to the new time zone when you begin your journey.
North Korea is not the only country that decided to create its own time zone.
Effective travel through this time zone requires new ideas that expand the existing business concepts through market analysis leading to innovative, customer-focused strategies.
Once the time zone is set, each individual added in the project will receive notifications and reminders as per their time zone.
The patented Duometre mechanism ensures that the additional feature of the second time zone will never affect the efficiency of your primary time keeping, as both time zones have their independent
The newly introduced Rado HyperChrome UTC watch can show two different time zones at the same time, which is what the 21st century traveler needs when hopping on a plane -- knowing the time at the destination or the time back in home country, so friends, family and business contacts can be made without waking them up.
This raises the question as to who are the winners and losers when the location of the time zone is decided, and if you 'lose,' how do you adapt?
It may take several days to adjust to a new time zone (a day for each hour).
However, the body can shift itself back to normal about one day per time zone, though its interaction with light - both natural sunlight and artificial light - can help speed up the process.