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(music) the relative duration of a musical note

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When the lease or rent term is long (> six years) and interest rates are high, one should look beyond conventional approaches and take the time value of money of all cash flows into account.
20) Each bar in the display is a probability distribution of the investor's after-tax dollar value after 10 years (21) and represents a different ratio of time value to total value at the time of exercise; the ratios of time value to total value decrease from left to right, with the bar on the far right representing a time value of zero.
c1) for each signal made by the infant and indicative of the infant's positive emotion, calculating an infant positive time value as a product of the duration of the signal multiplied by a positive infant signal value
Time value adjusts the basis of the acquired commodity, affecting margin.
Subject to financial factors such as market conditions and the after-tax time value of money, taxpayers considering selling appreciated assets should sell them in 2001 instead of 2000 if the gain in 2001 will be eligible for the 8 percent rate.
For incentive options, the holder loses time value at exercise and will also suffer ordinary income tax costs if the shares received are sold immediately for diversification purposes.
Hypothesis 1: As should expectations about predicted immediate and/or subsequent benefits of the waiting time increase, the perceived waiting time value increases.
If the pooled model is estimated for boat owners, the estimated opportunity time value increases to $33.
Because the mathematics that define option pricing cause time value to erode more quickly as an option nears its expiration date - a phenomenon known as time value decay.
Neither of these methods considers the time value of money or the concept of present value.
com/research/1379e3/foundations_and_ap) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Foundations and Applications of the Time Value of Money" to their offering.
Intrinsic value is the difference between the underlying stock's actual price and the exercise price; time value refers to the value of the right to exercise the option in the future.
InoVision, which recently announced that it has bought $1 billion in such debt over the past six years, says the utilities get cash and the time value of the money, and reduce their administrative costs.
For example, owners who plan on disposing of their properties in the short-term may not benefit, as the savings are based on the time value of money and the benefit could be partially re-captured upon sale.