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an analysis of a specific job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and effort

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Receive and post key MAC quarterly deadlines - key due dates for each step in the time study process.
Joanne Hatton, Extra Time study support centre deputy manager, said: '
Time study is "a set of procedures for determining the amount of time required, under certain standard conditions of measurement, for tasks involving some human, machine, or combined activity" (Mundel and Danner 1994).
Another advantage: Personal care assistants normally account for every minute of their day during the time study, allowing this to also be used to monitor performance.
To our surprise, the time study showed that most patients arrived early, but only 43 percent of them were ready for the doctor by the scheduled time.
On the other hand, standards developed from time study are only approximations at best.
Contract notice: Tender moment multi recording time study.
At the University of Ulster, part time study programmes are designed to be as flexible as possible.
Pupils from 12 schools took part in a programme at the club's Extra Time Study Centre aimed at a range of science work.
By comparing what happens when electrons "rotate" clockwise versus anticlockwise along the beam axis, Charles Baltay of Yale University, Martin Breidenbach of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and their collaborators could for the first time study how this difference affects the production rate of Z particles.
That contrasts with permanent and temporary unit values, which are based on actual time study data for the procedures and instruments involved.