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a series of values of a variable at successive times

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As more and more enterprise applications collect IoT data, specifically time series data from sensors, they need fast, reliable and scalable read and write performance.
Series Report is a form-based application that allows users to input multiple, formatted PPI time series identifiers (commodity or industry codes) as inputs in extracting data according to a specified set of date ranges and output options.
The stability of time series is required Otherwise, false regression will occur if economic models are based on non-stable time series.
For the forecasting method we have chosen fuzzy time series model.
The correlation process can be done only when the time series are the same kind.
The EWMA forecasting formula for a scalar time series {[[gamma].
A raw experimental data we used for this paper were sets of the histograms built on the base of short samples which provided the daily time series of [sup.
Time series of species abundance from fishery-independent surveys, such as bottom trawl or acoustic surveys, are important in monitoring temporal change in the abundance of marine populations.
Encouraging experimental results are obtained on several synthetic and real-world time series datasets.
Time Series Analysis and Cyclostratigraphy: Examining stratigraphic records of environmental cycles
We included all randomized and controlled clinical trials (RCT/CCT, designs where allocation to the intervention is determined either by an explicit random process [RCT] or by a nonrandom process such as date of birth or case note number) before and after studies (a design with contemporaneous data collection before and after the intervention and an appropriate control site or activity) and interrupted time series (ITS, a clearly defined point in time when the intervention occurred and at least 3 data points before and 3 after the intervention).
This new model uses information available in the daily mortality time series to infer otherwise lost information about the effect of PM on mortality over a period of more than a single day.
Analysis of Financial Time Series is a good example of a class-tested book, and--if you have the requested background--a fully readable volume: a textbook of financial econometrics.
The last volume in the Time series, this book begins with Emma's dismay that her mother has re-entered her life--as a with-it 20-something.
The data was analyzed for each 10-year time series within the 15-year time period from 1985 to 1999.