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a system for paying for goods by installments

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The time plan and implementation for this will be decided following member consultations.
The Right Service, First Time plan, which went live last month, has seen police attendance times at emergency and priority incidents improve and a reduction in the number of calls left waiting.
Foremost in the concerns is the one- time plan to develop a chip that would have supported Java, allowing programs written to run on any operating system and removing the need for Microsoft Windows operating system use.
AT one time plans to extract coal from under the North Sea by means of gasification looked rather like pie in the sky.
Flex time Plans might change a bit here and there because of unforeseen problems like rain, a scorching sunburn or shuttle-bus breakdowns.
At this time plans are being made for the program and will be announced in the winter issue of Baptist Heritage Update.
Peers rejected for a third time plans to impose closed candidates lists, by 237 votes to 194 majority 43.