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an amount of time

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The final time period to consider is the extreme long-run.
6 rating puts her up by 14% over year-ago time periods.
RERC's findings highlight the disconnected relationship between required and realized yield rates, and demonstrate the variation between return expectations over io-, five- and one-year time periods.
Most corporate records retention schedules state that financial and audit material can be destroyed after a certain time period once the final audit report is issued, usually about one year.
Ironwork on the doors is believed to be that of Rene Chameleon, a regionally famous ironworker during this time period.
The interface contains built-in reports showing how many pages each user or printer printed over specific time periods and the actual cost.
The atlas provides maps, text, tables, and figures for more than 40 cancers for the time periods 1950-1969 and 1970-1994.
The "trigger" date of a suit is when the time period starts running.
In general, there is limited mixing forward and backward from one flight to another, so the consistency of the end product is heavily influenced by blend variations over much shorter time periods than those typically used to test blend accuracy.
Through July 1995, domestic polyol demand is ahead by 4% for the same time period in 1994, and ahead by 20% for the same time period in 1993.
The study covers the 1986-91 time period and compares the findings of this period with the three earlier time periods.
This change also implies that the measure of benefit (the difference in earnings at referral and closure) will be sensitive to the choice of the time period chosen to measure pre-program earnings.
In another surprising episode involving a controversial 1986 research report, Secret Service forensics experts told a congressional hearing this week that a large amount of raw data pasted into Thereza Imanishi Kari's laboratory notebooks was not produced during the time period indicated on those pages.
The relief is phased in over a four- and five-year period, depending upon the time period in which the net increase in indebtedness occurred.
Certificates are awarded for performance over a 1-, 5-, 10- and 15-year time period for open-end equity funds.