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Results revealed no significant interaction between impulsivity and time of day.
After a period, this increased arousal may become a conditioned response to the time of day rather than to the presence of others.
New time/date rules enhance business user control over Content Spotlighting;: Gives non-technical staff the ability to promote or highlight specific content based on search query, browse path, user profile and now date or time time of day.
Some examples include authorizing access by time of day or day of week, personal firewall filters and enforcing user's WLAN encryption type.
The technology covered by Websense's patent allows organizations to optimize their employees' use of the Internet via administrative options that enable control over what Web sites may be accessed, at what time of day and for how long.
This installation is the first store to offer shoppers in Britain a self checkout solution that handles both large and small orders any time of day.
Notably, Internet utilities, such as search engines/portals, e-mail and chat showed little variation in usage or audience demographics by daypart, whereas content sites exhibited distinct differences in usage and demographics by time of day.
PSE's Personal Energy Management(TM) program, Electric Light & Power magazine said, is the nation's largest undertaking to price electricity based on the time of day it is used while also showing consumers the comparative, fluctuating cost of providing their energy.
Weighing approximately one metric ton, or 2,200 pounds, the clock takes its time of day reference, as well as calculating the number of days remaining from satellites.
OTCBB:FONX) for PocketPC, a software utility for PDAs that utilizes Fonix Customized Text-To-Speech to speak the time of day, "one of the most unique and technologically advanced applications available" on the PC market.