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Dives signified the first subplots, as time of day was constant for all four levels in each dive (time of day, n = 12).
Similarly, a split-plot ANOVA was used to assess effects of net and time of day in log(x + 1) transformed shelf surveys with days representing the whole plot and dives signifying the first subplot.
Because official estimates have been attained from both dive and shelf surveys in the past, we conducted additional analyses to evaluate effects of time of day and net on combined estimates of dive and shelf surveys.
Statistically significant interactions between time of day x level ([F.
Analysis of experimental shelf surveys showed the effect of time of day was nearly significant ([F.
Therefore, the reason for the variation in the findings of so many studies might very well be that whether a person exhibiting impulsive characteristics performs better at one time of day or another is an individual, but consistent, difference; in other words, it is a difference that is difficult to find when one divides a sample into arbitrary groups for testing.
Results revealed no significant interaction between impulsivity and time of day.
After a period, this increased arousal may become a conditioned response to the time of day rather than to the presence of others.
For both psychology and education, research into the effects of time of day upon performance remains pertinent.
However, many studies have been able to determine the likelihood that results are the effect, at least in part, of the time of day.
Restrictions can be based on usage credits, time of day, type of usage, or specific telephone numbers.
Can base restrictions on time of day, type of usage (voice, text, multimedia, etc.