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a loan that is payable on or before a specified date

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The last time loan rates were this high was in 2001, when a comparable deal averaged 12.
Although at this time loan portfolios remain sound overall, indications of departures from proven sound lending practices--in particular, overreliance on optimistic views of the borrowers' prospects and favorable economic and financial conditions--have been a recurring theme emerging from recent supervisory reviews of bank credit quality.
Oregon and Washington credit unions were reminded last week of something they know full well: the S&P downgrade of the nation's credit rating and the market turmoil could bring in a substantial deposit influx at a time loan demand remains tepid.
com is a borrower advice website that sidesteps the stuffy professional language and gives detailed and in-depth loan advice and info in a clear, easy to understand, and even entertaining way, so that both first time loan borrowers and experienced home owners will be able to get the most out of it.
Realtors will gain the advantage of real time loan updates; including immediate loan milestone notifications and/or document requests that will shorten the time from application to closing.
Finding the right lender may be difficult for first time loan borrowers.
com provides would-be buyers with everything they need to find and buy their new home - access to real time loan products, expansive new home listings, floor plans, community and tax data, and more - through the power of a sophisticated search engine, icanbuy.