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Ratio of base signal to wavelet decomposition node 2,2 at time interval IV.
[C.sub.a,m]: capacity of link a [member of] L in time interval m [member of] {1, 2, ..., M}
During 8: 00 hour time interval, Milu were almost always resting and they became active after 9: 00 hours.
Conclusion: There was significant (P < 0.05) amount of residual monomer released from both pinkveined and clear Autopolymerized resins at different time intervals.
As cumulative volume versus time interval curves become more smooth, the touching lines contact every data point in sequence and the slope of the touching line becomes the actual local slope of the cumulative volume versus time interval curve.
(2002), reported serum iron levels did not show significant variation in weekly time intervals from one month prepartum to one month postpartum in crossbred cows.
Furthermore, when time interval is 0.00001 sec, the relationship between displacement of the middle point and time steps tends to be vibration curves with no attenuation, and spring stiffness only influences the amplitude and frequency of vibration curves, which can be seen in Figure 7.
Finally the tissues were thoroughly rinsed thrice (2 h each) with sterile PBS on orbital shaker and samples were collected at 12, 24, 48 and 72 h time intervals for evaluation of parameters.
However, 2012 was the year when the heavy vehicle traffic between two sides of the city was directed to the Bosporus Bridge during the evening and night time intervals, because the second bridge which is normally handling heavy vehicle traffic was temporarily put under maintenance works.
This module is mainly responsible for collecting data packets in the network, and counting the number of data packets containing DHCPDISCOVER message and DHCPDECLINE message in each time interval respectively according to the time interval set in advance.
Time interval: Late early to early middle Miocene (Burdigalian-Langhian).
The mean time interval between the occurrence of injury and time of admission was 2.87 days.
If the off command comes during the on operation switching of the switching device, the controller has to interrupt the on operation, locking the transistor VT2, wait for the signal from the apparatus contact position sensor that its main contacts come into the open state (during this time current in the actuator coil will decrease to almost zero), after that to lock transistor VT1, and to give a signal to the transistor VT2 unlocking not earlier than in the time interval [t.sub.bO] between transistor VT1 locking moment and the moment of guaranteed completion of the bounce of the break contact of the relay KM.
Given a bound on the initial condition, a system is said to be finite-time stable if the state does not exceed a certain threshold during a specified time interval. While external disturbances are considered, FTS is extended to Finite-Time Boundedness (FTB) [13, 14].
(i) The exponentially segmented pattern (ESP) is here used to predict fluctuations in different stock data over a long period and can accurately predict not only mean stock price over a future time interval but also the mean stock price over consecutive future time intervals.
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