time exposure

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a photograph produced with a relatively long exposure time

exposure of a film for a relatively long time (more than half a second)

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So, overall bactericidal and sporicidal efficacy was more time dependent for Silvicide, efficacy increasing with increase in time exposure.
Case 2: vibration level measured in field and time exposure obtained by directive (5.
The most interesting parts of the picture, as usual, are the blurry ones, where companies have moved the most during the year-long time exposure.
The fire exposure severity increases for each test part, so that the A" classification has the most time exposure with the greatest fire intensity of the three classifications.
While summer time exposure is always a concern, protection during the winter months offered by the shade of tree leaves is lost and up to 80% of the sun's rays can be reflected by snow cover.
Summary: The GAC logo has been given prime time exposure on Brazilian TV, thanks to its sponsorship of the local premier league volleyball team, Santo AndrE[umlaut].
It was a great chance for prime time exposure obviously, but also great fun, I loved it, and let's be honest with regards to the danger factor, ITV's not going to let anyone die out there
It was hard to tell from this catch-up whether their advice and help had actually done the trick in changing Jon's life, or whether that was simply down to prime time exposure and mutual desperation.
Today's picture, above, shows Christmas illuminations and car headlights in a time exposure taken in Grainger Street, Newcastle .
He's talking about the Purkinje effect, whereby a reddish star's light builds up on the eye's retina as it would in a time exposure on film.
Elsewhere, the Grainger Street of the early 70s is captured on film, as clever use of camera time exposure shows a striking pattern of car headlamps.
Little Lava Lake in the central Cascades reflects star trails over Mount Bachelor in a 15-minute time exposure on a recent evening.
Even for the sake of a few moments prime time exposure, you do, of course, have to be certifiably stupid to let someone slice open a melon on your stomach with a sword, while blindfolded.
Extraction and distillation methods are low temperature with minimum time exposure to keep tastes fresh and to avoid losing delicate volatiles.
The researchers combined 40 separate exposures, each 500 seconds long and taken one after another, that essentially add up to a single time exposure lasting more than 5.