time draft

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a draft payable at a specified future date

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Buyer bank advances funds by accepting a time draft in payment of a sight basis letter of credit on a discounted basis to Domestic Inc.
This new tool allows designers to interactively change the pull direction with real time draft analysis to find the optimal pull direction before the task of removing undercuts has begun.
The colour which is psychologically the happiest colour in the colour spectrum is all set to literally create a blast as this time Draft n Craft will be offering More discounts, More offers and More bargains on its legal and paralegal services.
Time draft is a demand for payment on a specified future date--comprising banker's acceptance, bill and sight draft.
This is where you pick your terms of sale: letter of credit (L/C), sight or time draft collection or open account.
Rather than ship on open account, see if you can use a time draft because, all things being equal, in many countries a defaulted instrument such as a time draft is more significant than a defaulted open account when you are trying to collect the debt.
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