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framed by exposed timbers

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Grey Timbers sits behind a large driveway with wrought iron remote control gates and hedging and once through the front garden you reach an open, timber-framed gabled porch with quarry-tiled floor that leads to the studded front door.
By 1939, with the Second World War raging, the old timber-framed building was deemed unfit for purpose and the current building, with seven coke furnaces, was constructed onsite.
The timber-framed buildings have been painstakingly restored and had new life breathed into them as part of a project funded by both the Heritage Lottery Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.
Timber-framed houses, once the pariah of the new housing market, have moved from the acceptable to the preferred choice of new house builders.
A new development from Welsh Oak Frame, this three-bedroom house offers spectacular views as well as timber-framed construction.
Stoneview is the name of a specific cordwood masonry timber-framed guesthouse that garnered so much attention that Roy (founder, Earthwood Building School, New York) wrote this manual so readers could replicate the building.
Mike said: "We've supplied timber-framed golf clubhouses, hotels, children's nurseries and even a funeral parlour, and increasingly timber frame is being used in commercial development.
The timber-framed property is claimed to cut heating and electricity costs by a massive 68 per cent when compared with the average three bedroom semi.
The pounds 4m scheme involves converting a grade II listed Masonic lodge into two new houses as well as building 17 new timber-framed three-storey town houses.
The timber-framed Mossbourne Community Academy in Hackney might fit this category, though it actually looks rather stark and brutal.
Companies like Walpole, New Hampshire's Benson Woodworking Company have led the revivial, combining the classic method with high-tech tools to build expansive timber-framed homes appreciated for open spaces and a unique look.
In our own attempt to learn this, we combined several methods in one of our first buildings, a timber-framed Council Hall.
It is also expanding beyond the custom home market, and offers pre-engineered flames that can be "customized" with options, and designs that integrate timber-framed elements with stick-built, panel, or modular construction.