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any tree that is valued as a source of lumber or timber

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It makes the coastal less-productive land productive by building mounds and ditches so that fruits, vegetables and timber trees can be grown, and fish can be farmed.
Prospect Genius is using a combination of mobile-friendly and desktop strategies to develop a vibrant online presence for Timber Tree Company, LLC.
Forestry plots are located near to the agroforestry, containing three timber tree species planted at 2m intervals, giving a total of 120 trees per section of forestry plot.
The Spruce is a very useful timber tree and is used for the likes of scaffolding, poles, ladders, flooring, and even musical instruments.
SCOTS PINE (Pinus sylvestris), which grows freely throughout most of the country, is our only major native timber tree and does really well in poor soil.
TIMBER Tree blocks road in Ballybrack, South Dublin
They are required to plant 60 hectares with timber tree specie, leaving the rest for ylang-ylang.
The iconic American chestnuts were once a major component of eastern forests and a valuable timber tree.
Chirk Castle boasts many veteran trees while black poplars, Britain's rarest native timber tree, can be found nearby along the River Dee floodplain Wales' rarest tree is Ley's Whitebeam - only 16 exist at two sites in southern Powys.
There is also a children's chip bark safe play area, laundry drying area and open lawned area with a pond and paved patio, as well as a woodland play area with timber tree house.
In addition, analysis of timber tree recruitment, retention and planting in cropping systems indicates the potential of the off-reserve area to once again be a source for the supply of higher proportion of timber compared to the forest reserves.
The organisation said a study of timber tree rings show repair work in the south transept from about AD 1425/6, and the cause of damage is likely to have been a documented, yet previously undated, earthquake.
There is also a woodland play area with timber tree house.