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line marking the upper limit of tree growth in mountains or northern latitudes

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Plans to add an additional timber line to the production facility and increase the recovery rate of sawn product and output of value-added timber products from cypress logs include building two sheds, installing a twin edger, a wing edger and two auto benches.
The limiting characteristics of the ecotones greatly condition plant life, especially at the timber line, where the cold is so intense that only scattered trees manage to survive.
In any case, the timber line marks a very important biological frontier and for this reason has been the subject of many studies and much speculation seeking to relate its vegetation type and the greatest elevation at which scattered trees can grow.
In our application for The Timber Line, we described Unilec's long time involvement with the Allegheny Hardwoods Utilization Group (known affectionately as AHUG).
the estimation of the purchase volume for 2019 is: the length of the logging 9,000 and the bottom of the timber line 135 m3.
Sitting above Redding's blowtorch heat, the area has temperatures that vary with elevation: an August day could be 90| at 1,070-foot Shasta Lake, 65| at timber line.
Tenders are invited for loading device with the mechanism of the piece of wood on the issuance of timber line Mebor
From here, miles of trail thread summitward along slopes blanketed with Jezo spruce, Sakhalin fir, and alpine flower fields to the rugged world above timber line (some snow year-round).
Colorado]s Rocky, Mountain National Park sees lightning almost every summer afternoon; a third of the park is above timber line. Glen Kaye, the park's chief naturalist and a lightning strike survivor, advises: "If you're walking above timber line, you're the highest point around and a natural target.
High above timber line near the summit of Oregon's Mount Bachelor, a broad sweep of unbroken slope invites skiers to carve turn after turn down the dazzling white mountainside.
However, I've learned that scrape lines laid out on the edge of standing cornfields and timber lines are a different breed of scrapes.
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