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the angle a rocket makes with the vertical as it curves along its trajectory

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(3) Calculate the tilt angle. The tilt angle v is the angle between the direction vectors [S.sub.1] and [S.sub.2] x v can be calculated by the following formulas.
Existing studies have largely focused on the effect of the attack angle, tilt angle, rake angle, and clearance angle on the cutting performance of a drum and the influence of the angle setting sequence on the final values of tilt and attack angles [14].
[14] have extended the model to suit larger tilt angles, the range of application of the model is still limited within a relatively small tilt angle.
As mentioned above, this paper presents the study on heat transfer in the curved heat pipe in an adiabatic section and the effect of heat pipe tilt angle that have rarely been reported.
"Our new study shows that four adjustments at optimally divided intervals can provide around 25 kW per square meter more power than adjusting the tilt angle four times a year based on the seasons."
At scale 12, we have a higher tilt angle ~9.5-10.5[degrees] here compared to the local tilts around 8[degrees].
Different from the repeat cycle which is only relevant to the satellite orbits, the revisit time is relative to both of the orbit and the payload of satellite, such as tilt angle and swath width [16].
The tilt angle has been used as the basis for a variety of methods for edge enhancement of potential field anomalies, such as Cooper [9, 10], Ferreira et al.
In the 46 patients, the average horizontal tilt angle was 1.73 [+ or -] 1.54[degrees] and the decentration length was 0.47 [+ or -] 0.40 mm, and the average vertical tilt was 2.33 [+ or -] 2.10[degrees] and decentration length was 0.39 [+ or -] 0.45 mm.
The flat hinge determines the piston position concerning the swash plate tilt angle.
Inclination or tilt angle sensing can be determined by the gravity vector and its projection on the axes.
The 90[degrees] fully adjustable tilt angle allows for horizontal minimal mixing and vertical full end-over-end mixing.
In the existing 3D-MIMO models, an approximated 3D radiation pattern is used to address the antenna tilt angle in vertical planes [3-5].
The normal vector represents the tilt direction and the tilt angle of the sensor board, which moves along with the monitored objects during geotechnical events.