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Synonyms for cow

Synonyms for cow

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

Synonyms for cow

female of domestic cattle: "'moo-cow' is a child's term"

mature female of mammals of which the male is called 'bull'

a large unpleasant woman

subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe


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The full Till the Cows Come Home cast are, from left, John Holt Roberts, Esther Grace Button, Jill Myers and Nicholas Coutu |Langmead COPYRIGHT DAVE PRESTON
It's all about getting to grips with the detailed battle system, getting the most from items and levelling up till the cows come home.
A hotel can say it's gay-friendly till the cows come home, but they can't buck society," says John Hessling, a gay man who plans to open the Blue Moon Resort, a Las Vegas hotel specifically catering to gay males, March 1.
And I'm just gon' keep yelpin' like a hyena till the cows come home, set on the couch, put their hooves up, and relax because somebody in the White House knows what they're doing.
Called Till the Cows Come Home, the group's team of four multi-talented actors will take to the stage on Friday at Hepworth Village Hall, on Saturday at Stirley Community Farm, and on Tuesday, September 23 at The Golcar Lily to spread the message of sustainable and healthy eating through song, dance and comedy.