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the application of tiles to cover a surface

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I usually advise people to download pictures of what they deem to be idyllic tiling designs, and use them as a guide when shopping for tiles.
The adhesive and grout must be suitable for where you're tiling (not all can be used in showers, for example) and the sort of tiles you're using.
By 1920, tiling was a common practice in southeast Iowa.
In a similar manner, a monogonal tiling is one in which each vertex star--i.e., a vertex together with its incident edges--is congruent to any other vertex star.
How to cut tiles One of the hardest parts of tiling is cutting the tiles.
Small tiling jobs are pretty straightforward and can be tackled with some basic knowledge.
RAK Slim helps in a significant reduction in dead load on the building structure due to almost half the weight of tiling, thanks to it slimness, a definite plus point for builders or home owners, as it results in reduced structure cost.
If you'd like to tackle the job yourself and you have no experience tiling a floor, wall or countertop, it would be wise to take a class or two first.
6When all of the tiling has been completed, leave it to dry for at least 12 hours.
"If you're tiling exterior walkways or interior floors in ceramic or stone, you can also use glass tiles as corner accents."
For more great tips on tiling and all aspects of home improvement, B&Q's You Can Do It DIY guide costs pounds 16.98 from B&Q stores nationwide (0845 850 0175/diy.com)
The massive project has sought to both modernize the innards of the temple and restore aging artwork, tiling, glass and woodwork to a pristine state.
Factors other than tile selection can lead to problems with exterior tiling. Most installations will be exposed to water, so preparation of all horizontal surfaces must incorporate a slope.