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a cutter (tool for cutting) for floor tiles

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Plus, it's just plain slower than a tile cutter or wet saw.
The best thing to use for cutting wall and floor tiles is a diamond wheel, either on a tool such as an angle grinder or a flatbed tile cutter, where the wheel's cooled with water to stop it from overheating.
Tools needed are a pencil, timber batten, plumb line, tape measure, spirit level, tile cutter, tile nibble, spacers, adhesive spreader, grout spreader, couple of buckets, hammer, adhesive, grout, sponge, old towel, and, of course, tiles.
My eye, from a different angle, would have caught sight of a crumbling, abandoned tower block and, had I stepped outside, my ears would have been assailed by the noise of traffic and someone nearby using an industrial tile cutter.
Find the focal point for your design Get the look in your own home Fix the tiles from the centre outward Use tile spacers for nice even gaps Use a cordless saw - or a tile cutter Apply grout with a plastic spatula
Tell someone one of the great things about your job is that you can watch nearly every race, nearly every day, and they look at you as if you've said: "One of the great things about my job is that I get a hands-on role in the artificial insemination of Christmas turkeys/get to slice up humans with a tile cutter for MI5/take your pick, but it's sordid and/or boring."
The man believed the equipment, which included a power washer, angle table saw, tile cutter and industrial sander, was stolen from the basement earlier in the evening.
Here's a cheat's guide to making a mosaic mirror - without a tile cutter in sight!
Broken china of all sizes (available already broken in bags at craft stores, or break your own damaged china into small pieces with a mallet or tile cutter on a towel while wearing safety glasses)
Plan to buy or rent a notched trowel for spreading adhesive, a tile cutter, and a rubber-faced float for grouting.
Wilcon carries exclusive top-tier brands like Grohe and Kohler Sanitarywares, Franke Kitchen Systems, Pozzi Bathroom Solutions, Koller Whirlpool Bathtubs and Shower Enclosures, Ariston Water Heaters, Geberit Monolith Puro, Bull Outdoor Products and Rubi Tile cutter. Its Tile Studio section houses Spanish tile brands Alcalagres, Grespania, Rocersa, Cifre, Emigres, Keros and Tesany alongside with Italian tile brands Novabell, Energie Ker, Gardenia, Leonardo and Naxos, together with Asian tile brands Arte, Sol, Lola, Huanqiu, Verona, Picasso Mosaic, Roman, Mulia, Kia and Basel.
ARTHUR'S HILL: TOOLS were stolen from a van in Newcastle It happened at about 2pm on Thursday, November 1, when the windows of a van parked at Northcote Street, off Westgate Road in Arthur's Hill in the West End, were smashed and a tile cutter was stolen from inside.
The property was in the process of being renovated and as a result Millward took an electric drill, tile cutter and saw as well as a vacuum cleaner.