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a diacritical mark (~) placed over the letter n in Spanish to indicate a palatal nasal sound or over a vowel in Portuguese to indicate nasalization

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The depth of Daniel's loyalty to his parents is tested strongly when Tilde accuses her husband of being involved with men who sexually exploit young women, an accusation both he and the reader can neither deny nor justify until the last crucial pages.
Pero es la tilde en el sentido de acento grafico la que me preocupa; porque sucede, por alguna extrana razon, que los docentes, en muchos casos, no le dan la importancia que le es debida, considerando faltillas o pecadillos veniales ortograficos los errores de acentuacion, lo que ha provocado que muchas veces en los escritos de personas consideradas cultas aparezcan multiples yerros acentuales.
Just suppose a Department of Transportation employee is furnished with a can of waterproof, color-appropriate spray paint, a ladder, a stencil of a tilde and is expected to paint 23 tildes on signs on each of five days.
Desde ya, los que escriben en espanol podran usar la palabra "solo" sin tilde, tanto si se trata del adverbio "solamente" o del adjetivo solo (sin compania).
NOTE TO EDITORS: There is a tilde in the company name between Non and Linear.
I don't have a problem at all with Councilman Nick Pacheco's request to add a tilde to street names in Studio City.
There should be a tilde over the third "a" in "Serra do Facao," the first "a" in "Sao Marcos River," the third "a" in "Catalao," the third "a" in "Maranhao," and the first "a" in "Sao Paulo" throughout the release.