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Synonyms for tightwad

Synonyms for tightwad

a miserly person


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For a tightwad like me that's way too much to spend on a project that may never contribute anything to our homestead.
AWHAT concerns you more, Martin: gaining a tightwad image or souring relationships with your partner over money?
I don't buy new books, partly because I'm an exceptional tightwad, but also because you can't beat an hour or so rifling through the shelves in a second-hand book shop, panning for nuggets among the almost unending dross.
The full-price comparison on Tightwad Tod"s shopping list is available in the May issue of CR and online at www.
Amy Dacyczyn's book The Complete Tightwad Gazette, a rich compendium of tips and advice from her monthly newsletter, The Tightwad Gazette, was reported to be the most stolen title in the state of Maine's public library system last year.
Chances are these tightwad ways could set you back big-time in credibility, service and growth opportunities.
TIGHTWAD Alaves owner Dmitri Piterman might as well have been dealing in Monopoly money a few months ago when he offered the players of his Second Division strugglers pounds 70,000-a-head if they won promotion.
In fact, I can check E-mails almost anywhere--even while driving through remote areas like Tightwad, Missouri on the way to weekend retreats with my husband.
Marry a tightwad and you will regret it 365 days a year because you will be angry, embarrassed and/or depressed most of the time.
Adapted from his hit 2003 play and starring Dany Boon ("Merry Christmas," "The Valet") in his helming debut, no good turn goes unpunished as the protag secretly impulse-purchases a getaway house in order to prove to his adored wife that he's not a tightwad.
However, I am also a bit of a tightwad and hence don't want to invest much money or time in my continuing education activities.
After a tension-filled pause, Benny, a notorious miser and tightwad, said, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
Olson was a Bears fan, learning why people camped on Tightwad Hill instead of paying to watch games and listening to cannon blasts resonate through the stands.
So at last we know why tightwad Charlie seems so reluctant to make an honest woman of squeeze Camilla - even though the former Archbishop of Canterbury is pushing him towards the altar.