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The plot, in which three friends, Gilbert, Walter, and Samuel, endeavor to overcome their guardians' tightfistedness and efforts to dictate who they can marry, seems a conventional one.
As for tightfistedness, it means being miserly and restrictive (al-tadyiq) in spending on what is necessary and unavoidable, like on food provisioning for family (aqwat al-ahl) and on the wellbeing of dependents (masalih al-'iyal).
While such dubiety is understandable considering the beating these financiers took during the near-annihilation of the world's economy, their newfound tightfistedness triggered a significant drop in life sciences and medical device venture funding in the last quarter of 2010.
I could name a dozen similar occasions of post-National tightfistedness.
His solid reputation has not been tarnished by the numerous anecdotes about his tightfistedness - like the deal he once made with a local newsstand to buy week-old magazines at a discount as they were about to be thrown away.
The Bush White House's tightfistedness with information has left lawmakers wary, Feinstein said.
Contrary to sentiment that the $4 million sand-pumping plan was defeated by Yankee tightfistedness, pure and simple, we prefer to believe that Chathamites, like wise King Canute of legend, were fully aware of the futility of trying to sweep back the tide.