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However, now the actress, the daughter of QC Oliver Blunt, is determined to leave the bonnets and tight-laced corsets behind.
There can be too much brand ego on display and the specialness, the character and the wistfulness are replaced by a tight-laced formula that is about anything but a more relaxed and desirable lifestyle and, ironically, then weakens and waters down the offer.
There could be a downside to the tight-laced look: I wonder whether some of the core message - for example, that membership is free and non-contributory - and certain items of breaking news, could look fruitier, but given the historical context, perhaps the straighter the better.
On the other hand, Elektra, another comic-book adaptation, might turn heads in her tight-laced scarlet bustier, but her personal magnetism doesn't measure up: She's a gloomy assassin who suffers from nightmares, insomnia, and OCD.
By the 1890s the students at Smith and Spelman and the women students at Cornell rejected the confining clothing of tight-laced corsets and trailing skirts of the current fashionable dress for simple shirtwaist blouses and dark skirts, characteristic of the reform dress of that era.
Even more amazing is that this project found a home not in Woodstock but in Woodlawn, side by side with the tombs of all those straight, wealthy, tight-laced WASPS.
Does the fashion industry, with its periodic confining fashions, such as the tight-laced corsets of the 1950s or the current pointed toes on shoes, always manage to slip away from feminist reform?
Walker and Zahn are like chalk and cheese - the former tight-laced and all too gullible, the latter a ball of nervous energy with little appreciation of the consequences of his actions.