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fitting snugly

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Kate Winslet stole the show in a tight fitting Stella McCartney dress at the premiere of her new HBO series.
For women: embroidered petticoats, wide skirts with wire frames over the hips, straight bodices were tight fitting
Oh, and also make sure your costume is at least relatively tight fitting to avoid tripping or getting tangled up.
Tight fitting HDPE results in a flow capacity close to the original pipeline design.
Joanie squeezed her prime mutton into a dress so tight fitting that she swooned at the Oscars.
Use a tall glass (no plastic, please) jar with a tight fitting lid for your infusions.
The trousers come in a variety of styles, most common being the tight fitting churidar, which is cut longer in length than required with excess cuffing at the bottom.
Insituform's iPlus Infusion achieves a tight fitting pipe-within-a-pipe by implementing a pull-in installation method.
FEWER women are "going commando" under tight fitting clothes because of the G-string, a new survey has revealed.
Why could us girls not have dropdead gorgeous hunks with rippling six packs draping themselves over the bonnets of the Lamborghinis or the suave sophisticated elegant Italian men in their tight fitting trousers nuzzling their posteriors into the door mirrors of the Ferraris?
While the functionality of our existing system fit us like a glove, it was a tight fitting glove that wasn't flexible to grow with our changing needs," said Alex Silberman, CIO for American Roland Food Corp.
For example, in the Body Acne section it states that 50 percent of acne sufferers have pimples on their chest, back and shoulders and that tight fitting clothes, backpacks or purse straps can aggravate body acne.
This is an added benefit of plastic systems, which are rapidly gaining popularity with manufacturers as they are easily molded to accommodate tight fitting areas.
India, March 26 -- Heyco Products, a designer and manufacturer of wire protection products and power components, has launched new Heyco-Flex III Liquid Tight Fittings for flexible, nonmetallic liquid tight tubing.