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a young tiger

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The tiger cub had a GI wire around its neck, suggesting that it had been killed by poachers.
The tiger cub triplets together at Chester Zoo were born in January and you can name them | |
SLAMMED Beyonce, Ivy and Jay Z watch the tiger cub being fed in Thailand
First we had Kangaroo Dundee, now we meet zoo-keeper Giles Clark who''s hand-rearing two Sumatran tiger cubs.
The Sumatran Tiger cubs were born in captivity at the Australia Zoo in Queensland and they are being hand-reared by Giles, a zookeeper and expert handler, at home with his wife and two kids.
Big cat expert Giles Clark introduces us to adorable Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and g Stripe as he rears them through the crucial early months of their lives at the Australia Zoo in Queensland.
Their birth will be a welcome addition to the zoo as it comes less than six months after the death of the its first Sumatran tiger cub in 17 years.
London Zoo has welcomed its first tiger cub in 17 years and managed to catch the birth on film.
Tosca dead-heated in a valuable BBAG sales race at Baden-Baden on her debut last Saturday and Tiger Cub won a handicap at Lingfield on Thursday.
TIGER cub triplets made their first public outing at Chester Zoo yesterday.
THE first tiger cub to be born at Chester Zoo in 23 years made its debut appearance yesterday.
Teddy the tiger cub makes friends with a human girl named Su, against his royal parents recommendations.
Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Balasaheb Thorat kicked up a row last week when he entered a cage at Maharajbagh Zoo in Nagpur with local Congress leaders and zoo officials to pet a tiger cub in full view of the media and visitors.
It's a man-eater,'' Cherry chortled when he bid $3,000 to name a tiger cub.
But for the moment, she is still a child and her father sends her a special gift--a tiger cub.