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active usually bright-colored beetle that preys on other insects

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Here, she chronicles one year of her observations of the Western red-bellied tiger beetle in southwestern New Mexico.
9): This is the most common of the UAE's coastal tiger beetles, recorded on sandy or shelly mud at all of the Northern Emirates khors and on all of the occasions mentioned above.
Effects of habitat change from ecological succession and human impact on tiger beetles.
World-wide species richness patterns of tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae): indicatortaxon for biodiversity and conservation studies.
Tiger beetles are visual predators that actively pursue prey based on prey shape and location (Pearson, 1988; Pearson and Vogler, 2001).
But Great Sand Dunes tiger beetles are different: It takes two-and-a-half years, including two winters in hibernation, for an egg to become an adult.
We surveyed 49 localities along the riparian corridor of the Whitewater River from north of Cambridge City, Indiana south to the Ohio River and observed six species of tiger beetles, including C.
Tiger beetles as indicators for biodiversity patterns in Amazonia.
Puritan tiger beetles (Cicindela puritana) are found in only two places in the world: the Connecticut River in New England and a small part of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
Cobblestone tiger beetles live on sparsely vegetated gravel bars associated with islands or bends in rivers or large creeks.
The information will help wildlife experts to monitor and conserve wildlife, including species like ladybirds, tiger beetles and glow worms.
This deadly scene is played out every day, wherever tiger beetles are on the prowl.
Wilson is not well supported by American tiger beetles, and it may be unrestable by phylogenetic analysis (Vogler and Goldstein).
Here we use a phylogenetic approach to address the question about the origin of different defensive strategies in tiger beetles of the genus Cicindela and to test for correlated character changes in defensive traits and environmental parameters.
On the narrow sandy belt in Maryland where we walked below these 60 to 100-foot tall cliffs, protected tiger beetles scurried around, cockroaches in clown's outfits.