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dye after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern

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I didn't want to just take a sweater and tie-dye it," he says.
Tie-dye jeans pounds 40 Topshop THREE'S IT' IT T' T A TREND IT'S SO STUNNING IN THE SUN Thi Th hi This Zara yellow blazer is a hot buy for Summ Sum umm mm Summer.
Long after the scheduled time for the workshop to end, children were still coming to create tie-dye pieces.
From watercolour to bold tie-dye effects, or even dresses emblazoned with actual paint pots (our favourite, at Ted Baker), the high street is a crayon-coloured fantasy land.
Tie-dye is hitting the rails this year in varying colours and styles and it looks as good as ever, writes Emily Woodrow.
In Paris, Nina Ricci offered several boho-inspired slouchy/slim pants, while bright tie-dye dresses were the highlight of Wunderkind's collection.
But, tie-dye (against all the odds) is back this season with a glossy makeover, more fit for the beaches of Ibiza than a hippie commune.
In her wonderful book, The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life, Marian Van Eyk McCain helps you to find 'The Way of Consciousness' to simplify on all levels--not just the "surface manifestations of the simple life: how to recycle things; live on less money; tie-dye your old T-shirts; clean your windows with vinegar" as in some other also useful books.
As well, I was fascinated by the interest and enthusiasm of the older kids when we played baseball, made tie-dye shirts, and wove friendship bracelets.
henna tattoos, tie-dye outfits, goats cheese, and music.
Another fun drawing book from Klutz This one comes with four drawing wheels, three gel pens and lots of ideas for drawing twirly swirly spirals Fill a gumball machine with candy-coloured spirals, make a fun mobile or create tie-dye "soak" spirals, Your head will be spinning
This opens up new opportunities for designers and stylists," he says, adding that beyond simple metallic colors that are currently employed, "There's no reason why you couldn't have plaid, or even a Jerry Garcia tie-dye.
The textile decorating arts of embroidery, applique, tie-dye, batik, and related techniques are the focus of this book, with a strong emphasis on the cultural traditions from which these crafts evolved.
Yet even though we thought we would rather die than be seen in tie-dye, cheese-cloth or toxically coloured acrylic sweaters that glowed brightly enough to light a room in a power cut, fashion refuses to let sleeping frocks lie.