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dye after knotting the fabric to produce an irregular pattern

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TIE DYE FOR THE most literal translation of the sunset trend, tie-dye emulates the dusk sky when rendered in hot shades.
Tie-dye or embroider to customize, then pair the top with bell-bottoms or a suede skirt.
Pink tie-dye top [euro]9, tie-dye legging [euro]7, trainers [euro]13, Penneys
For Wild Honey, the process involved creating colors for custom yarns and meticulously hand-drawing diagrams to send to a mill in Italy with a dual-threading loom machine able to spin the precise pattern, resulting in a digitized tie-dye effect without precedent.
com SPLURGE J Brand's tie-dye jeans are the new must-have denim Jeans pounds 225 J Brand STEAL I love Topshop's affordable version.
At my workshop I displayed my large tie-dye pieces and copies of instructions on the tie-dying process.
Executives at Militti Sales & Promotions, who have been in the sunglass business for 24 years, say the company's tie-dye sunglasses capitalize on a growing trend in summer fashion and should help dave shoppers into stores that carry these items.
Tie-dye is hitting the rails this year in varying colours and styles and it looks as good as ever, writes Emily Woodrow.
Several things in my room are maroon, like a tie-dye banner, sheets, dresser, hat rack, and window sills.
cried the other guy in pure jubilance, the one in tie-dye everything: T-shirt and jacket and headband awhirl in blues and reds, what we could see from the road anyway.
In Paris, Nina Ricci offered several boho-inspired slouchy/slim pants, while bright tie-dye dresses were the highlight of Wunderkind's collection.
But, tie-dye (against all the odds) is back this season with a glossy makeover, more fit for the beaches of Ibiza than a hippie commune.
In her wonderful book, The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life, Marian Van Eyk McCain helps you to find 'The Way of Consciousness' to simplify on all levels--not just the "surface manifestations of the simple life: how to recycle things; live on less money; tie-dye your old T-shirts; clean your windows with vinegar" as in some other also useful books.