tie down

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  • verb

Synonyms for tie down

secure with or as if with ropes

restrain from independence by an obligation

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The one thing we want to do is tie down our young players, they're the life of the club.
has acquired the axle, brake and actuation business assets of Atlanta, Georgia-based trailer product manufacturer Tie Down Engineering (TDE), the company said.
As it stands, only Mark Wilkin will try to tie down |Manny Smith to a new deal Carrington and Robbie Evans have deals beyond the summer.
They couldn't find the right straps to tie down gear on a raft so they made their own.
However, the 31-year-old is happy for his negotiations to be put on ice, claiming it's vital for chairman Michael Johnston to tie down Shiels.
Without the proper truck tie down equipment, tarps, and other security agents, the materials being shipped are vulnerable both in the instance of a crash and during run-of-the-mill highway driving.
Tie Down Engineering's new guides come in models specifically for pontoons.
Every tarp I've ever used has been hard to tie down in a tidy way.
I recommend that you make sure to have a clipboard and paper, tape recorder, or PDA to take notes and tie down the variables.
But under the board's vote, the owners will be allowed to add 18 hangars to the present 37, build a 20-room hotel and restaurant and create a 250,000-square-foot area to tie down planes.
It may have been more inconvenient to remove the tie down straps only on what was being immediately downloaded, but it would have been much safer.
He says the center tie down helps achieve higher shipping density, allowing more units per load.