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a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk

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ANSWERS: 1 Tiddlywinks - it propels the winks; 2 Sao Paulo, Brazil; 3 The meat trade; 4 Plymouth; 5 The Chopper; 6 Flora Margarine; 7 Washington, DC; 8 Salford; 9 Pussy Galore; 10 Single lens reflex.
The large disk used in Tiddlywinks is called a Squidger.
Alternatively, tiny rocket thrusters built into the mines' rims might flip neighboring mines into the breach "like tiddlywinks," Altshuler says.
= 130) played tiddlywinks every day, while those in a control group (mean I.Q.
"[Tiddlywink players] Kahn and Lockwood long for that improbable day when a feature on tiddlywinks could become a top-of-the-page Sunday lead story in a major American newspaper.
This could include old compendium favourites such as ludo, snakes and ladders and tiddlywinks, as well as a couple of other sports thrown in for good measure, such as wrestling and the 5,000 metres.
SUPPORTERS of tiddlywinks say it should become an Olympic sport.
Tiddlywinks? Snakes and Ladders?" Former England cricketer David Gower "That is not best-league-in-theworld football.
"It's not tiddlywinks out there but the positive is I managed to pass the orange flag marking the speedometer going faster than at any other stage this week.
The popular Tiddlywinks group - thought to be one of the longest continuallyrunning groups of its kind in the city - meets on Friday mornings at Queens Road Baptist Church.
From competing against New Zealand one minute to not being able to beat my one-year-old son at tiddlywinks was a hard battle to come to terms with."
And Mark says games like tiddlywinks, pick up sticks and dominoes are as entertaining to youngsters as ever.
He said: "When I was a kid, be it at cards, golf or tiddlywinks, my dad never let me win.
In any sport, even tiddlywinks, there will always be bad apples.
Follow our boys and girls on the official Team GB site as we try to convince ourselves that a gold in tiddlywinks constitutes a success.