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a stream in which the effects of the tide extend far upstream

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He noted that this is a major announcement for the Asian tidal stream market.
Achim Woerner, CEO Hydro & Ocean Power at Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division, said: "We are pleased that Atlantis, one of the strongest players in the comparatively new segment of tidal stream, has acquired Marine Current Turbines.
One of the biggest challenges with tidal stream turbines is maintenance and trouble-free operations.
On the strength of this success, Alstom has also improved its tidal stream turbine design by introducing the Oceade 18-1.
The MeyGen tidal stream project will harvest the tidal resources of one of the most energetic maritime sites in Europe, the strait connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea between the Orkney Islands and the Scottish mainland.
To fully exploit the potential of the tidal stream in the firth, turbines would need to be located across the entire width of the channel, the researchers said.
This year's event will be a cleanup of a nearby stretch of the Four Mile Run tidal stream, which has been adopted by the neighboring U.
30 January 2013 - French power and transportation major Alstom SA (EPA:ALO) today said it had wrapped up a deal to take over Bristol-based tidal stream turbines manufacturer Tidal Generation Limited (TGL) from UK power systems group Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc (LON:RR).
uk) will establish Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to build innovation capability in UK businesses and stimulate the transfer of expertise from academia to business in the fields of offshore wind, wave, tidal stream and tidal range energy.
The MPs said the UK is the leader on wave and tidal stream power, which are more reliable than some other renewables such as wind, and seven of the eight prototype devices installed around the world are in British waters.
The funding is open to competition and is meant to help the marine energy industry - wave and tidal stream energy - move; from single device prototypes towards first arrays of full-scale devices.
Charles Hendry, the UK Energy Minister, said: "Wave and tidal stream technologies, such as SeaGen, have the potential to supply millions of homes with low carbon energy - reducing our dependency on foreign energy imports and cutting dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.
The successful application of tidal current information to predict a horizontal migratory path not only provides evidence of selective tidal stream transport but indicates that vertical excursions were conducted primarily to assist horizontal migration.
Other proposals being considered include a tidal fence scheme which would have a barrier with open sections and involve tidal stream turbines to capture energy as tide ebbs and flows.
And that is why many are putting their money on tidal stream, a relatively new form of marine power.