tidal flow

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the water current caused by the tides

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THE ongoing debate about future energy supplies seems to entirely disregard energy from tidal flow.
Without the tidal flow at the river mouth the silt has built up and we think the council should be doing something to get rid of it.
Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry General Manager, David List, said: We welcome these significant improvements in and around the Saltash Tunnel that will enhance the safety and resilience of the tidal flow traffic management system that we operate on the Tamar Bridge and in the tunnel with our partner, Highways England.
Nayan [correct] said: "The idea is to respond to the Tyne's tidal flow in the way the light changes in strength, but also to use the ever-changing colours to reflect the idea of communication ( of a stream of messages passing back and forth between Newcastle and Gateshead.
These small sharks fight like demons and use the tidal flow to help escape a tether.
Miss Nagina Ahnadzadiah, aged 26, from Erdington, died when her Vauxhall Cavalier overturned in the main tidal flow lane of the A38 (M) in November 1995.
Overall, the program will be mitigating, preserving and restoring more than 143 acres of wetland areas to re-establish tidal flow in the region.
Hydraulics Research (FHR) has a wave tank and tidal flow generation.
The road was reduced to one very narrow lane and caused significant delays to the A38 Aston Expressway, where the tidal flow system is out of operation for a year because of works on the M6 junction.
The 250 conference delegates will see NaREC's three large dry docks used in wave and tidal flow tests, its offshore wind turbine blade test facility ( the world's largest ( and its Clothier Laboratory for high voltage testing.
She was driving a Vauxhall Cavalier which overturned in the main tidal flow lane of the expressway.
The re-aligned Peyton Slough began to drain upstream wetlands, while allowing potential tidal flow of salt water in the wetland ecosystem.
With every tidal flow, the platform supplies electricity into the Dutch national grid.
Stopping all non-|emergency and nonessential street works Assurances from |Highways England that the A38 Aston Expressway and M6 works will be finished and the tidal flow open Lifting barricades |around the Metro work for pedestrians using New Street and Grand Central Running park and ride |buses for rugby fans Setting up ambassadors |and marshalls for the various events to guide visitors to car parks or public transport A walking route from the | city centre rugby fanzone to Villa Park An escape lane planned |through Paradise Circus roadworks to relieve jams during emergencies.
I WOULD like to enquire of Peel Holdings why they feel a Mersey Barrage is the only solution to the use of the high tidal flow in the Mersey?