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a heavy paper impregnated with tar and used as part of a roof for waterproofing

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The properties are located in an area known for its collection of dingy, run down buildings, ticky-tacky shops hawking perfume, handbags and trinkets, and a rough and tumble crew of retail goods sellers and street traders who lug their wares in large shopping bags along Broadway.
I often find a middle ground to stand between two issues, or I at least recognize the opposing argument--it's my theoretical little box made of ticky-tacky in which I reside.
The attitude toward mobile homes as being ticky-tacky, and restrictions stemming from that attitude, are long entrenched and would require reeducation of the local city officials plus probably a change in the statutes/ laws of the town.
That's the background for this engrossing study of the genre, which includes brief biographies of pioneers such as William A Garnett (who took the iconic 'Plaster and roofing' shot in 1950: the boxes made of ticky-tacky used as a warning by environmentalists ever since), and photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White, who, in 1943 became the first woman to take part in a US Air Force combat mission.
Not everyone is suited to living in: "Boxes, little boxes, little boxes made of ticky-tacky; Little boxes, little boxes, little boxes, all the same" - and neither should they.
Thomas and tackle Matt Light indicated afterward they felt it was a ticky-tacky call.
What's more, whatever the popular perception, the liberal intellectual opinion was harsh if not openly scornful of suburban life almost from the start--'those boring people in their "little boxes made of ticky-tacky" probably think TV Dinners are the height of fine dining.'
So it was that the Blue Whale (the Pacific Design Center) could, in the 1970s, set up its giant reflective mirror in which the ticky-tacky of West Hollywood could appear both picturesque and oddly heroic.
TICKY-TACKY After a lunch at picnic tables, the team moves to the Maryland side of the Potomac park.
I wanted to cry, because of what was allowed to happen with building on ridgetops, trophy homes everywhere, and filling the valleys with ticky-tacky....
Faced with continuing evidence of social inequality and racial polarization in America, it remains to be seen how the left-liberal professional-managerial class fraction that made up the ECD community emerged, and how its anti-materialist legacy, its disdain for "ticky-tacky houses" and consumerism and its commitment to government-led initiatives like affirmative action and equal opportunity, would shape the culture of liberalism at the opening of the new millennium.
The French Quarter will once again host tourists--probably as the jeweled center of a ticky-tacky sanitized Disneyesque sort of Las Vegas by the Bayou--a Cancun of the South.
5 Doug (Kevin Nealon) is Nancy's best customer, her accountant--and a city council member of Weeds' "ticky-tacky" planned community, Agrestic.
'All made of ticky-tacky and they all look the same,' he droned, sniping scathingly at unimaginative newly-built estate homes in his hit song Little Boxes.