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Synonyms for ticktock

steady recurrent ticking sound as made by a clock

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make a sound like a clock or a timer

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Operation Ticktock began in earnest on July 2, with the Atlanta Crackers, the Birmingham Barons, and the New Orleans Pelicans all in the chase.
Facebook is an irresistible platform for Ubisoft given its huge unabated popularity, according to Ubisoft producer Omar Abdelwahed, head of the TickTock team.
A seven-time Emmy nominee in 1995, he won the first of these "television Oscars" for his performance as Dr Ticktock in Ticktock Minutes, a hugely successful public health series in the US.
Then there are the seriously scary villains - the shambling Scarecrow, the clockwork ticktock terror that brought violence to Versailles; the stone angel that you had to watch carefully.
Your doctor can hear the ticktock of your heartbeat or check your lungs for possible congestion.
So she can complain, TickTock whispered, and disgust spread over Rockelle's face.
Then there is an obscurity of poets, a run of cowards, a ticktock of clocks, an assemblage of jigsaw puzzlers and an annoyance of mobile phones.
Originally published by Ticktock Publishing, London, this appealing introduction to Aztec life includes numerous color drawings and photos on every page, brief texts, and elucidative sidebars.
away from a pattern of poem after poem each recounting one ticktock of
For the past few days its silence has been unsettling, particularly for those of us who have heard its gentle ticktock all our lives.
Randy Klein and Michael Earl accepted the award for their original music created for the five patriotic Ticktock Minutes music videos, geared towards children ages four to twelve.
Once a week you'd meet with the news magazines to get in the ticktock business that they want.
Middleton, an expert on tick-borne disease who refers to himself as "the ticktock doc.
You can think of El Nino and La Nina as the ticktock," notes University of Washington climate-ocean scientist Richard Gammon.