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a file of memoranda or notices that remind of things to be done


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If you want to keep the physical receipts, add them to your tickler file.
In our office, we also use CMS for scheduling, as a tickler file and paperless filing system.
Then have your secretary file it in a tickler file that gets reviewed monthly.
You rely on your computerized tickler file to keep track of your options and lease renewals, as well as payments and other items.
Nevertheless, a high degree of file maintenance was demanded because some were incomplete, and others had to be put into a tickler file based on their work authorization expiration dates.
Create a tickler file, and follow up as diligently as you would with business or professional contacts.
One is an automated tickler file, which allows the user to plan for completion of work by a specific date.
These letters may be either plain form letters or may contain data from the tickler file.
Products include the GTD Coordinator[TM], a collection (in)box, tickler file and leather note taker wallets.
A tickler file that runs the entire term of the policy can be a reminder of, for example, things such as discounts if the person suddenly stops smoking or cancer remission time limits.
Put a copy in your tickler file and check it methodically.
This can be done with specialized software that automatically tracks accounts receivable, or it can be done in a low-tech fashion with a tickler file.
We have a tickler file scheduled for four months before it expires," she explained.
A tickler file could be dated file folders in which you put items that need to be dealt with at a later date.
This feature eliminates the need for a manual or computerized tickler file.