ticking bomb

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a problematic situation that will eventually become dangerous if not addressed


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Perhaps those like Eddie, who has the self awareness to know that he is a ticking bomb.
One of their 50 offerings features simple arithmetic problems that must be solved against a ticking bomb and is designed to appeal to both parents and children.
In this issue, veteran recruiter Jon Henschen takes his own tack on that ticking bomb and concludes that women will be the industry's salvation.
Responding to a calling attention motion of A P Abdullakutty MLA, who had mentioned that the state was seen as turning its back towards the Rs 3,800-crore ambitious GAIL venture, incapable to handle the unwanted protests against laying of the pipeline, the Chief Minister conceded that false propaganda, like a ticking bomb underneath the earth, has been unleashed against the venture.
If we were to judge a song merely by its lyrics, "Sexy Pants" would be tossed out the window like a ticking bomb.
THE mortgage crisis is a ticking bomb but neither the banks nor the Government are willing to take action that could defuse the situation.
45pm John Woo's spectacular action thriller stars John Travolta as a tortured FBI agent who has the face of manic terrorist Nicolas Cage grafted onto his own so he can go undercover and locate a ticking bomb planted somewhere in Los Angeles.
Our cover image depicts the Middle East as a ticking bomb, an apt metaphor.
Apart from the external ticking bomb (the "One-state Solution"), Israel also has an internal ticking bomb, which may be even more dangerous.
The technology piece is, as you eloquently point out, second nature to the Gen-Yers, and with the disenfranchisement due to a failed education system, no real sense of responsibility and accountability, the growing attitude of entitlement, and the current economic struggles we all face, it's easy to see how technology could become a ticking bomb.
The regime did its best to label us as Al-Qaeda, terrorists or separatists or an Imamate and carelessly describe us as a ticking bomb that will destabilize Yemen and turn it into another Somalia.
He then has the now-comatose crook''s face surgically grafted onto his own so he can infiltrate Troy''s organisation and locate a ticking bomb planted in Los Angeles.
She's like a ticking bomb, she could have a massive bleed at any time.
But at least it is focussing attention on this ticking bomb of global warming in more ways than ever.
Intelligence agencies should defuse the ticking bomb of opium stockpiles, before these become the source of potential sinister scenarios.