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Synonyms for ticking

a metallic tapping sound


a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers

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In a word, it was represented (Clennam called to mind, alone in the ticking parlour) that many people select their models, much as the painters, just now mentioned, select theirs; and that, whereas in the Royal Academy some evil old ruffian of a Dog-stealer will annually be found embodying all the cardinal virtues, on account of his eyelashes, or his chin, or his legs (thereby planting thorns of confusion in the breasts of the more observant students of nature), so, in the great social Exhibition, accessories are often accepted in lieu of the internal character.
This clamor of the wind through the lonely house; the Judge's quietude, as he sits invisible; and that pertinacious ticking of his watch!
1 : to make a light rhythmic tap or a series of light rhythmic taps <a ticking clock>
4 : operate 1, function <The old car is still ticking.
I am not implying that the Money Meter should be ticking away all of the time.