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a window through which tickets are sold (as from a ticket booth)

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Starting today, tickets can now be purchased at any time at the zoo's ticket windows and are valid for entry into the zoo until December 31, 2011.
The Delta Ticket Window is an application that allows Facebook users to complete travel booking using a dedicated tab at facebook.
Sporadic crackdowns on street scalpers have shown that sometimes fans simply are being beaten to the ticket window by sharp operators who resell the tickets on game day.
In a country that places a high premium on original, even quirky, art-house features, which inevitably do poorly at the ticket window, the emergence of a genuine box-office success story -- in other words, a film the general public actually wants to see -- is such an anomaly as to be dismissed.
With a space-saving nesting facility and a large ticket window, made from polycarbonate, ALCOE64300 is made from tough polypropylene for long life and offers 51 litre capacity.
The sweeping interior walls direct the visitor past the ticket window, but more dramatically, out past the snack bar through infill sheets of glass to sunshine beyond.
The alternative publication also charged the daily stole the name of another of its features, Ticket Window, which provides information on entertainment ticket-buying.
0: More Savings With MyMammoth Direct - Thanks to MyMammoth Direct, Mammoth's new direct-to-lift ticket system, guests who register with MyMammoth can save some cash and skip the lines at the ticket window when they pre-load and reload lift passes on their MyMammoth card.
At least 10 angry punters missed their trains when Merseyrail staff closed its one ticket window for a "staff changeover" and directed nonplussed customers to a single ticket machine.
General admission season tickets may be purchased Tuesday at the Autzen Stadium South Ticket Window, located on Leo Harris Parkway in Eugene, from noon to 5 p.
He befriended the teenager at the railway station two days later and sent him to the ticket window to ask the clerk for cigarettes.
Moviegoers don't mind going to the movies to feel sad, but there's something off-putting about walking up to the ticket window and saying, ``One for `Bereavement Club,' please,'' isn't there?
com has licensed its Ticket Window technology as the booking engine for Voyager and TelMe will also offer fulfilment on all travel booked through the portal for the UK market until the end of 2001 at least.
Ticketing has evolved from pre-printed tickets to tickets printed at a ticket window at the time of purchase, to internet sales where customers print their own bar-coded tickets.
A sign was up in the one ticket window open telling passengers to purchase their tickets from the ticket machine.