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a torn part of a ticket returned to the holder as a receipt


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Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: "Memorabilia relating to the launch is very unusual but it's exceptionally rare to offer a ticket stub that can be directly traced to the individual who attended the launch.
The digital ticket stub holder will let ticket buyers create an album to hold and share electronic tickets, photos and other mementos from their once in a lifetime experiences.
Researching ticket stub collecting is difficult due to a lack of information.
So far, Clearview, located in suburban Moon Township, has given out 200 of the towels at its branches to members who show the ticket stubs after attending RMU home football, basketball, or hockey game.
Nor can you move down a level without a ticket stub (the ushers will stop you), and going to the Top of the Park store is a chore because of slow elevators.
Many works include collage elements, and while Scher often relies on the medium's standard fare (a ticket stub, a beer-bottle label, an assortment of French ephemera), he is one of few contemporary artists to employ those free commercial postcards found on racks outside restaurant bathrooms, sixty-four of which were used as supports for the small paintings filmed in Trixie.
Those who brought in a movie ticket stub from The Polar Express saved $3 at participating retail lots and choose-and-cut farms.
The community councillor from Forres, Morayshire, has kept every ticket stub since 1975.
A ticket stub for a British Airways flight from Madrid to London, arriving at 1.
IN PRACTICE A Chicago reader says that when people ask her to pray for them, she sets a little memento on the window sill above the kitchen sink: a shapshot, a ticket stub from a movie, a small shell from the beach--any little reminder of them in her workspace to think of them throughout the day.
I've still got each ticket stub at home as a momento.
BLUES fans desperate to go to Wembley bid pounds 510 for a worthless ticket stub initially advertised for just 99p.
Throughout December, the restaurant has offered a complementary appetizer or dessert to dine-in guests who will present a ticket stub from any event in Seattle in December 2010.
MEANWHILE, some fans who weren't able to get a ticket for Led Zeppelin's hotly-anticipated reunion gig paid up to pounds 125 online simply for a used ticket stub from the event.
CAN anyone help me obtain a match ticket stub from the Inter Milan v Rangers CL game, Sept 28, 2005?