ticket collector

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someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets

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The ticket collector refused to give ground and when asked to provide a free upgrade, he replied: "No chance."
Pollock, Glasgow SCOTRAIL and the ticket collector should be held accountable under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for not carrying out their "duty of care" towards the student thrown off the train by the Big Man.
A TICKET collector was left with a fractured eye socket after a passenger lashed out at him, a court heard yesterday.
The bus driver, a ticket collector and another passenger managed to escape.
He was punched in the face and head when he entered a carriage to investigate a delay after a teenage couple had become abusive towards a ticket collector.
A ticket collector dropped dead from heat stroke at Titlagarh train station, officials said, reporting the first confirmed drought death in India this year.
I brought this to the notice of the ticket collector and I would like to congratulate the TransPennine people for employing such understanding, helpful and courteous staff.
A ticket collector told investigators that the bus was designed to carry a maximum of 50 passengers, a police officer told AFP.
She said after five minutes the ticket collector asked her how she had boarded the empty train.
Pram-pushing father Robert O'Keeffe, 27, from Aigburth added: "A ticket collector said it would be wise to carry on shopping for another hour and come back when it is less busy.
Nimrod Antal's gentle comedy is set almost entirely on the Budapest Metro where undercover ticket collector (or Kontroll officer) Bulcsu (Sandor Csanyi) and his motley crew try to catch fare dodgers and make the most of their routine lives.
Even during wartime, the station had a station master,and then on each shift a leading porter,an ordinary porter (or porteress),a junior ticket collector and a lamp-man.
A couple, both in their teens, had bought a ticket from Nuneaton to Coventry and were on their return journey to Nuneaton when they were approached by a female ticket collector and asked for their tickets.
Ticket collector Terence Elliot, who has 15 years' service on the railway, was threatened and bullied by the two on the Cardiff to Maesteg line on an afternoon in June.
The ticket collector would be within his rights to say to this chap, "Right, you'll need to get off this train because your ticket has expired".