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a game in which two players alternately put crosses and circles in one of the compartments of a square grid of nine spaces

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In March, Selina grimaced as Dr Barry DiBernardo, a plastic surgeon in Montclair, New Jersey, injected anesthetic liquid into her thighs, which had been marked with a tick-tack-toe grid: dimples coloured red and bulging fat green.
But instead of putting a horse in Dean Wormer's office, the Deltas put up really weird art outside the stadium - giant X's and O's that people keep thinking is some sort of lineal tick-tack-toe board and - '
They talked about the ``rule of three,'' where ``you split the screen into sections of three, like a tick-tack-toe board.
Also new is a tick-tack-toe set in an ebony-finished storage box.
Diaper, fender, hood, mortician, pacifier, realtor, skillet, tick-tack-toe, unlisted, and veteran.
There will also be free games such as a soccer kick, checkers and tick-tack-toe.
July 14, Boardwalk Bash - Kids can make clay figures and play old- fashioned boardwalk games, checkers and tick-tack-toe.
SEI also will present a brass canopy bed to retail for $299 in queen size, a tick-tack-toe screen, a beech-finished solid-pine storage bench, a black/beech dinette table with a drawer and black/ beech coordinating side chairs.
Online auctioneer eBay is selling more than 400 Tut-related items, ranging from a tick-tack-toe set based on his and Queen Nefertiti's heads to a sarcophagus-style incense box.
Don't think: Thank heaven those giant tick-tack-toe buildings weren't chosen.