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Synonyms for tical

the basic unit of money in Thailand


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Horizontal or verA[degrees] tical wide stripes are never in.
This egotisfinally tical woman thinks she can have everything her way but now she has found out that she can't.
After a fabulous lunch and a few glasses of wine at Gwyn's mountain-top restaurant, Greg suggested I have a crack at the "superpipe" - a long chute of snow with near-ver tical 30ftwalls on each side.
Everton's most recent away day should con vince even the most scep tical supporter of the need for a new sta dium.
In which Asian country was the currency unit the tical replaced by the baht in 1928?
Quick to fill you in on Dunfermline's tradition in the competition - "we've won it twice, but have been to the final just once since our last win in 1968," - Kenny uses the weight of statis tical evidence to curtail the hype growing in Fife.
That was described as the most scan dalous case of poli tical corruption in recent British history
It was a good choice and the curry oil, although I'dbeen slightly scep tical ab out how well its flavours would go with fish, worked excellently.
dyr reached 149 for t with Peter Sullivan ng 38 as did Tom row, which was the tical score made by his team father on the adnt pitch, and they were out at virtually the e time.
Prac tical layouts: These Bryant Homes' properties in Hedgeley Court, Hebburn have plenty of flexible living space for families.
In which country did the baht replace the tical as the standard currency unit in 1928?